Public Research Center - Sample Video Tapes
# Title Description 30-Apr-03
V1 Upstate Chronicles - Bicycles   1-May-03
V2 In Search of History  The Cardiff Giant   2-May-03
V3 Magic Toy Shop Family Reunion WTVH-5 3-May-03
V4 St. Patrick's Parade WIXT-9 4-May-03
V5 Auburn's Tiffany Treasure   5-May-03
V6 OHA Exhibits 1995 Anthony Romano, Syracuse University 6-May-03
V7 Greatest Sports Moments Onondaga Historical Association.  7-May-03
V8 OHA Exhibits 1992, 1993, 1994 Constant Companions; Beyond Collecting; Syracuse Cemeteries; Artistry in Silver; On the Move 8-May-03
V9 Central New York in the 1940s WCNY-24 9-May-03
V10 St. Patrick's Parade WIXT-9 10-May-03
V11 Weather Extreme WCNY-24 11-May-03
V12 Heid's: The All-American Hot Dog Stand Joe Agonito 12-May-03
V13 Sedgwick-Highland-James Preservation District Fran Hares & Harry Jewell 13-May-03
V14 Onondaga County: The Heart of New York   14-May-03
V15 The Boarding House Clearspace Theatre Company Production 15-May-03
V16 Onondaga Lake: Reflections on the Future   Produced for the Onondaga Lake Advisory Committee 16-May-03
V17 OHA Exhibits 1995-1996 Fabric and Thread; Crossroads in Time; Syracuse Goes to Movies; Major League/Minor League 17-May-03
V18 OnBank Bicentennial Time Capsule   18-May-03
V19 Celebrating 200 Years Onondaga Historical Society (sic) 19-May-03
V20 Onondaga County War Memorial Rededication   20-May-03
V21 CNY Christmas   21-May-03
V22 OHA #2   22-May-03
V23 Grand Hotels of Central New York   23-May-03
V24 50 Years of Television in Central New York WTVH-5 24-May-03
V25 OHA Automobile Program   25-May-03
V26 Land of Promise: A History of Ontario County Chronicle I 26-May-03
V27 The Land Becomes a Nation: A History of Ontario County Chronicle II 27-May-03
V28 The End of the Line, Rochester's Subway The Story of the smallest city in America to build and abandon a subway 28-May-03
V29-31 Onondaga Veterans shorts and audio leads 29-May-03
V32 Syracuse Museum of Science and Technology   30-May-03
V33 St. Patrick's Parade   31-May-03
V34 Onondaga Lake:  Past Present and Future Sharon Ryan 1-Jun-03
V35 Syracuse in Review V Syracuse University 2-Jun-03
V36 Elvis Live in New York State   3-Jun-03
V37 Magic Toy Shop    4-Jun-03
V38 Magic Toy Shop   5-Jun-03
V39 Magic Toy Shop   6-Jun-03
V40 Magic Toy Shop   7-Jun-03
V41 Magic Toy Shop   8-Jun-03
V42 St. Patrick's Parade   9-Jun-03
V43-44 St. Patrick's Parade   10-Jun-03
V45 St. Patrick's Parade   11-Jun-03
V46 St. Patrick's Parade WIXT-9 12-Jun-03
V47 St. Patrick's Parade aerials and air check 13-Jun-03
V48 St. Patrick's Parade Liturgy 14-Jun-03
V49 St. Patrick's Parade   15-Jun-03
V50 St. Patrick's Parade Mass 16-Jun-03
V51 St. Patrick's Parade Nancy Duffy 17-Jun-03
V52 St. Patrick's Parade Broadcast live WIXT-9 18-Jun-03
V53 St. Patrick's Parade Liturgy 19-Jun-03
V54-55 St. Patrick's Parade WIXT-9 20-Jun-03
V56 Identifying Organizing and Marketing Your Work John Shaw 21-Jun-03
V57 Dancer's Ensemble   Metropolitan School and Dancer's Ensemble 22-Jun-03
V58 William Henry Seweard - Lincoln's Right Hand WCNY-24 23-Jun-03
V59 OHA Typewriter Collection   24-Jun-03
V60 Still in the Mainstream Something Special WTVH-5 25-Jun-03
V61 Tomorrow is Today Something Special WTVH-5 26-Jun-03
V62 There's No Business Like Snow Business Something Special WTVH-5 27-Jun-03
V63 The Business of Summer Something Special WTVH-5 28-Jun-03
V64 School's Out, Now What? Something Special WTVH-5 29-Jun-03
V65 Jefferson Awards Something Special WTVH-5 30-Jun-03
V66 City Celebrations Something Special WTVH-5 1-Jul-03
V67 A Pledge and a Promise Something Special WTVH-5 2-Jul-03
V68 Snow - A Hot Commodity Something Special WTVH-5 3-Jul-03
V69 Here Comes the Neighborhood Something Special WTVH-5 4-Jul-03
V70 Jefferson Awards Something Special WTVH-5 5-Jul-03
V71 Christmas in Central New York Something Special WTVH-5 6-Jul-03
V72 Teens in Double Danger Something Special WTVH-5 7-Jul-03
V73 Tales of Elephants and Eagles Something Special WTVH-5 8-Jul-03
V74 How Do You Build a Neighborhood Something Special WTVH-5 9-Jul-03
V75 A Cause for Celebration Something Special WTVH-5 10-Jul-03
V76 A Large Dose of Self-Esteem Something Special WTVH-5 11-Jul-03
V77 How Do We Draw the Battleline Something Special WTVH-5 12-Jul-03
V78 Unity, Diversity, and Common Ground Something Special WTVH-5 13-Jul-03
V79 The Profitable Past; key focus: Seaway Trail, Inc. Something Special WTVH-5 14-Jul-03
V80 Neighborhoods   15-Jul-03
V81 I Was There - Murray Bernthal   16-Jul-03
V82 With Steve on Sunday - Dennis Connors WIXT-9 17-Jul-03
V83 And A Voice Shall Be Heard Made by GE, communication technology's role in a nuclear attack 18-Jul-03
V84 Reflections of a Stained Glass Artist: Stanley Worden and the Keck Studio   19-Jul-03
V85 Salt of the Earth Irish-Americans in the Syracuse salt business; Dick Long 20-Jul-03
V86 Irish Connection Heaphy Tin; History Show; Tracing Roots 21-Jul-03
V87 GE - raw footage item list available 22-Jul-03
V88 Church and Dwight   23-Jul-03
V89 Time Passes On   24-Jul-03
V90 Monuments Removed from Soldiers and Sailors Governor in Syracuse for CoStar 25-Jul-03
V91 OHA Constitutional Rap Contest   26-Jul-03
V92 Imagination Celebration 'Uniquely New York' Festival OHA and Metropolitan School for the Arts 27-Jul-03
V93 Preservation Report WTVH-5 28-Jul-03
V94 Onondaga County - The Heart of New York   29-Jul-03
V95 Winds of Change - Native Americans WCNY-24 30-Jul-03
V96 Clinton Square Statues Come Down; Governor Visits WTVH-5 31-Jul-03
V97 The Syracuse Lakefront - A Sidewalk Community   1-Aug-03
V98 1948 Centennial 'Centorama' Parade 1920s Franklin; 1927 N'ern; Rt. RR; 1936 RR Elevation 2-Aug-03
V99 Trains Unlimited 'The American Streamliner'   3-Aug-03
V100 It's Happening on James Street Greater James Street Business Association 4-Aug-03
V101 Canal Museum and Carolee   5-Aug-03
V102 New York Lottery NY Wired 'Syracuse' 6-Aug-03
V103 Magic Toy Shop Family Reunion   7-Aug-03
V104 Time Passes On OHA #4 8-Aug-03
V105 New Horizons   9-Aug-03
V106 Time Passes On OHA #5 10-Aug-03
V107 Time Passes On OHA #3 11-Aug-03
V108 Vistas WCNY-24 12-Aug-03
V109 Lindbergh's Syracuse Visit 1927   13-Aug-03
V110-111 The Sophisticated Gents   14-Aug-03
V112 Irish Connection Tipperary Hill; Tipp Hill; Murphy-Fenlon Farms 15-Aug-03
V113 Something Special Spotlight WTVH-5 16-Aug-03
V114 Metro Vision Sample Show   17-Aug-03
V115 Glory   18-Aug-03
V116 Irish Connection Tracing Roots; Mack McDonald; Kelley Show 19-Aug-03
V117 A Real Citizens Review Board City Hall Rally, Syracuse 20-Aug-03
V118 The Life of Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha narration written by Sarah Hassenplug 21-Aug-03
V119 Magic Toy Shop Mid-day History Series lecture 22-Aug-03
V120 Magic Toy Shop Exhibit Reception OHA Museum 23-Aug-03
V121 Onondaga County: The Heart of New York   24-Aug-03
V122 OHA Rap Contest Winner Toni Canestrare, Suzan Fernandez, Barbara Zagata 25-Aug-03
V123 Blizzar '93 WSTM-3 Coverage of the Storm of the Century 26-Aug-03
V124 The Changing View Selected paintings from the OHA, lecture and exhibit 27-Aug-03
V125 And Justice For All - The Jerry Rescue Laurie Hotchkiss 28-Aug-03
V126 50th Anniversary Tribute Pearl Harbor bombing Oral histories with Gerry Forger [defective tape] 29-Aug-03
V127 A Song for Dead Warriors Nichael Smuin, San Francisco Ballet 30-Aug-03
V128 A Pictorial History of the Site Now Occupied by the Niagara Mohawk Syracuse Headquarters Art Deco Building   31-Aug-03
V129 OHA Constitutional Rap Contest   1-Sep-03
V130 Challenges and Silver Linings Something Special WTVH-5 2-Sep-03
V131 Christmas in Central New York   3-Sep-03
V132 Mohawk Region Trolleys Ben Rohrbeck 4-Sep-03
V133 Presidential Treasures Mary Lou Ratcliff 5-Sep-03
V134 St. Patrick's Parade Historical shots, OHA credit 6-Sep-03
V135 An Empire of Reason New York Bar Foundation 7-Sep-03
V136 Time Passes On OHA #1 8-Sep-03
V137 Local Newsreel Vignettes War and Remembrance 9-Sep-03
V138 American Red Cross: People Helping People OHA West Gallery 10-Sep-03
V139 Associated Artists 64th Annual Juried Members' Exhibition; OHA South Gallery 11-Sep-03
V140 Lindbergh's Syracuse Visit 1927 Dubbed 12-Sep-03
V141 New York State Barns - Form and Function   13-Sep-03
V142 From Hobby to Habermaas: Marshall Larabee's Dream Pam Garwood quilts 14-Sep-03
V143 Lindbergh's Syracuse Visit 1927   15-Sep-03
V144 Allied Chemical Centennial   16-Sep-03
V145 And A Voice Shall Be Heard   17-Sep-03
V146 Interview with Vi Hosler   18-Sep-03
V147 Yesterday's Treasures Mary Lou Ratcliff; Antique Toys, guest curator Tim Mancini 19-Sep-03
V148 Onondaga Lake - Clearwater Revival WIXT-9 20-Sep-03
V149 JFK tape Jack Morse's Clinton Square radio tape 21-Sep-03
V150 Restoring the Jewel Environmental conditions in Onondaga Lake - John Garafalo 22-Sep-03
V151 Teall House Magazine 13  #35 & 37 23-Sep-03
V152 Local Newsreel Vignettes War and Remembrance; tape 1 24-Sep-03
V153 Irish Connection Skaneateles Parts 1&2; Split Rock Stonecutters; Dick Long 25-Sep-03
V154 Skaneateles is Barrow Country John D. Barrow 1824-1906; Donald J. Stinson 26-Sep-03
V155 Slow Fires On the Preservation of the Human Record 27-Sep-03
V156 A Call to Duty: Onondaga County Responds World War II 50th Anniversary programs, OHA Exhibition 28-Sep-03
V157 Greatest Sports Moments   29-Sep-03
V158 Into the Thin Air of Everest; Mountain of Dreams, Mountain of Doom: Tempting Fate   30-Sep-03
V159 The System: From Beyond the Grave Court TV 1-Oct-03
V160 Erie Canal Museum NO Matte version 2-Oct-03
V161 HUD's Canal Corridor Initiative Version 3 3-Oct-03
V162 Greatest Sports Moments   4-Oct-03
V163 Destination Fun OHA Raw Footage; WSTM-3 5-Oct-03
V164 Syracuse China Old Co. process; mixing clay; making molds 6-Oct-03
V165 Syracuse China Film 1, reel 1; glazing, grinding, dipping, loading kiln, etc. 7-Oct-03
V166 Syracuse China Reel 2, Jigging 8-Oct-03
V167 Syracuse China Reel 3, Decorating 9-Oct-03
V168 Syracuse China Reel 4 (1); clay prep from slip to pug 10-Oct-03
V169 Military Figures in Progress for Military Museum, Madison, WI   11-Oct-03
V170 From the Baron to Bridge Street WIXT-9 12-Oct-03
V171 Edit Point Video   13-Oct-03
V172-V173 Heartbeats Louder Than Drums Gregory Perillo, Carol Wood 14-Oct-03
V174 Cinebar Sample Reel, Onondaga Historical Association. Proposal   15-Oct-03
V175-V177 Magic Toy Shop   16-Oct-03
V178 Salute to Twinkle   17-Oct-03
V179 Chateau on the Hill Story of the New York State Capitol Building; Michael Bragman 18-Oct-03
V180 The Faithkeeper Oren Lyons with Bill Moyer 19-Oct-03
V181 Time Passes On   20-Oct-03
V182 Grand Hotels   21-Oct-03
V183 Across the Lake Onondaga Lake's amusement parks 1875-1920 22-Oct-03
V184 Reflections of a Stained Glass Artist: Stanley Worden and the Keck Studio   23-Oct-03
v185 In Memoriam   Bew York City 9/11/01 HBO 24-Oct-03
V186 If I Had a Hammer Pete Seeger and the American Quest for Justice 25-Oct-03
V187 The Carrier Heritage   26-Oct-03
V188 Erie Canal History Video   27-Oct-03
V189 History Demo   28-Oct-03
V190 Trolley, Eddie, Bin 63   29-Oct-03
V191 The Marsellus Story: In Pursuit of Excellence   30-Oct-03
V192-V193 OHA Autombile Program   31-Oct-03
V194 A Journey in Time Central New York's Automotive Age - OHA 1-Nov-03
V195 The Syracuse Lakefront - A Sidewalk Community   2-Nov-03
V196 Oral History Primer: A Celebration of Black Syracusans; I 19th Century Syracuse; early families, pre-and post-Abolitionists, the Underground Railroad, rural life, the Jerry Rescue.  W. Dorothy Williams, Rolan E. Wolseley 3-Nov-03
V197 Oral History Primer: A Celebration of Black Syracusans; II Black churches, fraternal organizations, and social clubs.  John Anderson, Larry Howard, Vergel Lattimore, Emory Proctor, James Thornton 4-Nov-03
V198 Oral History Primer: A Celebration of Black Syracusans; III Mid 20th century: schools, neighborhood centers, and housing projects.  Judith Brooks, Marjorie Carter, William Chiles, Jesse Dowdell, Herbert Johnson, Sidney Johnson, Frank Wood, Jr. 5-Nov-03
V199 Oral History Primer: A Celebration of Black Syracusans; IV Before and after urban renewal; 15th Ward neighborhoods, homes, schools, churches, social clubs.  Group discussion 6-Nov-03
V200 Oral History Primer: A Celebration of Black Syracusans; V Mid to late 20th century; housing, economic and social welfare programs, new churches, organizations and businesses, the influx of urban, corporate professionals.  Louis Clark, Dennis Dowdell, Vivian Moore 7-Nov-03
V201 Oral History Primer: A Celebration of Black Syracusans; VI Family history; tracing relationships, collecting and preserving documents, photographs, clippings and memorabilia, the importance ofcreating permanent records.  Prof. Gwaltney, Joyce Jones, Marjory Wilkins, Cheryl Wilkins-Mitchell 8-Nov-03
V202 History of Breweries in Syracuse    9-Nov-03
V203 Oren Lyons   10-Nov-03
V204 New Horizons loan copy 11-Nov-03
V205 Manufactured Gas Plants; A New York Heritage Niagara Mohawk; 22 min. 12-Nov-03
V206 Manufactured Gas Plants; A New York Heritage Niagara Mohawk; 7 min. 13-Nov-03
V207-V208 Art Deco Headquarter Building History Niagara Mohawk; 14 min 14-Nov-03
V209 Looped Crucible Videos for Glorious Workplacecs event   15-Nov-03
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