OHA in the News

OHA doesn’t only collect and preserve history, we make it too. Much of what OHA does is news worthy and, in addition, our staff is often called upon to provide context to stories about events, buildings, people, and more. Below is what we’ve contributed in 2017, from our regular articles in the Post Standard, CNY Business Journal, and CNY The Goodlife to adding value to reporters’ stories and reports on our own events.

(Click the links to view the PDFs and websites for these stories)

Daily Orange – In Central New York, arts organizations try to remain optimistic amid potential budget cuts (2017-01)

Daily Orange – Syracuse’s industrial past highlighted in preservation of historic building (2018-01-23)

Post Standard – Today in History, Onondaga Pottery Changes its Name (2017-01-21)

Post Standard – Flashback, ‘Big battle’ over what to name I-81 in 1958 (2017-01-19)

CNY Central – Onondaga Historical Association is home to one of CNY’s former bomb shelters – (2018-01-017)

Post Standard – First Methodist Church Fire, January 1957 (2018-01-14)

Bridge Street TV – Remembering Nancy Duffy (2018-01-10)

Post Standard – Syracuse Central Tech. Opens in January, 1903 (2018-01-07)

Syracuse.com – Flashback ‘Worlds narrowest restauraunt’ was once in Syracuse (2018-01-05)