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OHA doesn’t only collect and preserve history, we make it too. Much of what OHA does is news worthy and, in addition, our staff is often called upon to provide context to stories about events, buildings, people, and more. Below is what we’ve contributed in 2017, from our regular articles in the Post Standard, CNY Business Journal, and CNY The Goodlife to adding value to reporters’ stories and reports on our own events.

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Post Standard – NYS Fair flashback – Rain, pickpockets and a whale carcass highlight 1890 Fair (2017-08-30)

Post Standard – The first fair in Syracuse – Rain and pickpockets, but no whale (2017-08-31)

Daily Orange – Your weekend guide to the city of Syracuse – (2017-08-23)

Post Standard – This Week in Local History – The Gunpowder Explosion (2017-08-20)

Post Standard – Historical Association series to examine World War I (2017-09-10)

Post Standard – This Week in Local History – Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry (2017-09-10)

Post Standard – Labor Day storm struck with ferocity (2017-09-03)

CNY Central – Looking back on history in the streets of Syracuse with OHA’s Bob Searing (2017-08-19)

Post Standard – Gustav Stickley III visits his famous grandfather’s Syracuse home (2017-08-17)

Travel Daily News – Marriott Syracuse Downtown to celebrate first anniversary Aug 19 (2017-08-16)

Post Standard – OHA Receives a 2000lb Delivery (2017-08-13)

Post Standard – This Week in Local History – Sainte Marie de Ganentaa – (2017-08-13)

City Connect of Syracuse – Syracuse Keeps its Promise to the Rock of the Marne (2017-08-12)

Post Standard – Local History – Bishop Ludden Passes Away (2017-08-06)

Post Standard – This Week in Local History – Erie Canal Culvert Break (2017-07-30)

Post Standard – Local History – Grover Cleveland Returns to CNY (2017-07-16)

CNY Business Journal -Master 19th Century Fishermen: Reuben & George Wood

Post Standard – This Week in History – Schrafft’s Opens in Syracuse (2017-07-09)

Post Standard – Rev. Samuel Joseph May worked for emancipation, women’s rights (2017-07-02)

Post Standard – WWI exhibition (2017-06-25)

Post Standard – Group salutes the pioneers of Armory Square revival (2017-06-25)

Post Standard – This Week in History – Rose Hill Cemetery (2017-06-25)

Post Standard – A Look Back at Syracuse’s Temple of Vaudeville (2017-06-18)

Post Standard – This Week in Local History – Soldiers and Sailors (2017-06-18)

Post Stanard – I-81 widening halts plan for microbrewery, restaurant (2017-06-06)

Post Standard – Former knitting mill gets new lease on life as apartments (2017-06-04)

Post Standard – This Week in Local History – Camp Syracuse (2017-06-04)

Storycuse – A story of resilience Inside the quasi-famous 1838 ‘Shabby Home’ in Eastwood (2017-05-30)

Post Standard – This Week in Local History – The Seward House (2017-05-28)

Post Standard – Factory’s history noted with string, level and tape measure (2017-05-28)

Post Standard – This Week in Local History – Daniel Webster (2017-05-21)

Syracuse University News – In Syracuse, Plans to Renew Forgotten Promise at Deeply Moving World War I Monument (2017-05-17)

WAER – All That Jazz_ 35 Years of Syracuse Jazz Fest Opens at Onondaga Historical Association (2017-05-04)

Post Standard – Syracuse Jazz Fest photo exhibit opens (2017-05-07)

Post Standard – This Week in History – St. Joseph’s Hospital – (2017-05-07)

CNY The Good Life – What the Well Dressed Wore in Downtown Syracuse – (2017-05-06) Part II

CNY The Good Life – What the Well Dressed Wore in Downtown Syracuse – (2017-05-06) Part I

Post Standard -Hanks, historical society bond over typewriters (2017-04-18)

SPAAMFAA – Collins Block Fire Memorial Service – (2017, Vol. I)

CNYBJ – History of CNY Telephone and Telegraph Company (2017-04-17)

Post Standard – This Week in History – Dey Brothers – (2017-04-16)

WSYR-TV – Tom Hanks thanks Syracuse for its typewriting past (2017-04-14)

Austin Chronicle -Readily Apparent Media on Their Basketball Doc_ Local production house goes for the fast break – Screens – (2017-04-14)

Syracuse.com – Hanks bonds with Onondaga Historical Association over shared love of typewriters (2017-04-12)

Post Standard – Local History-Yates Castle (2017-04-09)

Post Standard – Pari of ‘Ghost Hunters’ will bring spooky fun to Syracuse (2017-04-06)

Post Standard – Book talk to focus on Syracusans during Cold War peacetime draft (2017-04-02)

Jamesville Community Museum – Jamesville Peniteniary (2017-03)

Eagle News – Presentation on The Peacetime Draft During the Cold War (2017-03-29)

Post Standard – Local History – Carnegie Library (2017-03-26)

Post Standard – Money crisis looms for arts, humanities, Part II (2017-03-19)

Post Standard – Money crisis looms for arts, humanities, Part I (2017-03-19)

Post Standard – Local History – James Geddes (2017-03-19)

Post Standard – Paranormal search at old Bell building (2017-03-14)

CNY Business Journal – Conde Toy Shops (2017-03-13)

Post Standard – Local History – MacArthur Stadium (2017-03-12)

Syracuse.com – Tickets going fast for Onondaga Lake documentary’s second screening (2017-03-06)

Post Standard – Historic photos tell story of Syracuse’s black community (2017-03-05)

Post Standard – Charles Dickens (2017-03-05)

Post Standard – Onondaga Lake film seeks wider audience (2017-03-05)

Syracuse.com – “Bitter experience makes me wary of Consensus,” Jackie Warren-Moore (2017-03-03)

Syracuse.com – Onondaga Historical Association hopes Onondaga Lake film has national reach (2017-03-03)

Post Standard – Onondaga Lake doc airs again (2017-02-28)

Syracuse.com – Common Council OKs gun location tech, major airport renovation (2017-02-27)

WAER FM – Jerry Rescue Facts, Slaves Hidden at Restaurant, Women’s Rights Abolitionist: Unknown Underground (2017-2-27)

Syracuse.com – Paranormal Search at OHA (2017-02-25)

Post Standard – This Week in History – LC Smith & Brothers Typerwriter Factory Building Under Construction (2017-2-26)

WAER FM – New York Abolition Efforts, Douglass, Tubman, had Key Benefactor in CNY who Many People Don’t Know (2017-02-24)

Eagle News – Rare Frederick Douglass daguerreotype now on display at Onondaga Historical Museum (2017-02-08)

Daily Orange – Despite Onondaga Lake remedial efforts, some blame corporate influence for blocking lake’s full restoration (2017-02-20)

Syracuse.com – Second showing of Onondaga Lake documentary scheduled after initial sellout (2017-02-22)

Post Standard – This week in history: 197 Years Ago – Name That Town (2017-02-19)

Post Standard – Dead of Alive, Douglass Did “An Amazing Job” (2017-02-05)

Post Standard – This Week in History: Ben Schwartzwalder was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame (2017-02-05)

GED – Four Valentine’s Get-a-ways for Singles (2017-02-02)

Travel Today with Peter Greenberg – The Marriott Syracuse Downtown (2017-2-1)

Post Standard – This week in local history – Collins Block Fire (2017-01-29)

CNY Business Journal – “A Brush with Danger – The History of Sleigh Riding in Syracuse” (2017-01-23)

Post Standard – The history of ‘Syracuse’s Grand Hotel’ Book Available Now (2017-01-22)

Post Standard – This Week in Local History – Onondaga Pottery Company Official Changes Name (2017-01-22)

The Daily Orange – Beneath the Surface Review (2017-01-18)

Syracuse.com – New redevelopment plan in works for Syracuse Round Church (2017-01-19)

Post Standard Events – Beneath the Surface (2017-01-15)

Syracuse.com – Syracuse Airport to get $45 Million upgrade (2017-1-11)

Syracuse.com – Syracuse’s Chimes Building sold for nearly $7 million (2017-01-04)

Post Standard – This week in local history – Onondaga County Courthouse (2017-01-01)