Medal Breakfast

It takes the legacy of many hands to build a community. Since 1945, the Onondaga Historical Association Medal Award has recognized distinguished contributions to the cause of preserving and interpreting Onondaga County history. The award itself is a historical medallion originally struck in commemoration of Onondaga County’s 1894 Centennial.

The OHA Medal is the highest honor that this organization can bestow upon an individual for contributions made to the cause of preserving and interpreting our heritage. Since OHA is the only general comprehensive history organization in this community, one might also consider this medal the highest tribute that can be awarded on behalf of the entire Onondaga County community to those that ensure history remains a vital part of our future. This is only the 27th OHA Medal ceremony since the event’s inception.

The 2018 will be awarded to three individuals: Michael Moss for his work preserving and advancing the history of Syracuse’s Jewish community; Alissa Viti, Manager of Charitable and Community Relations for M&T Bank, for her dedication to the education of our community about its history through the foundation’s funding of programming and exhibitions as well as its support of our sister organizations throughout Central New York; and Allen Naples, Senior Vice President and Regional President of M&T Bank, for his leadership and commitment to finance the restoration and repurposing of our historic architecture, an important component of our community’s identity.

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