The Brewseum at Bullfinch

Coming in Summer 2020

This unique and exciting new collaboration involving the Onondaga Historical Association (OHA), Cor Development (Cor), and the new Bullfinch Brewery & Brew Pub will result in a great new destination in the Inner Harbor.

Cor has been working with OHA on bringing historic perspective to their development of the Inner Harbor. From iconic images that decorate the Iron Pier, to the names of streets & bridges, to banners that highlight the history of the district, Cor has taken advantage of our amazing past to add value to this exciting “new” neighborhood.

As part of Bullfinch Brewery’s new establishment, OHA is developing the Brewseum at Bullfinch, a museum on our community’s fascinating brewery history.

Check this page for the progress & development of this exciting new collaboration.

OHA’s archive photos being used in the Iron Pier Apartment hallways.

Architectural renderings of the Brewseum by local company, Exhibits & More.

Sample historic brewery images from OHA’s archives.

  • Disposal of beer into sewer during Prohibition in Syracuse.