OHA in the News – 2022

OHA doesn’t only collect and preserve history, we make it too! Much of what OHA does is news worthy, and our staff is often called upon to provide context to stories about events, buildings, people, and more. Below is what we’ve contributed in 2022, from our regular articles in the Post Standard, CNY Business Journal, and CNY The Good Life to adding value to reporters’ stories and reports on our own events.

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Syracuse.com – The origins of Syracuse’s Thornden Park, a story of triumph, beauty, and tragedy (2022-08-09)
Syracuse.com – Thousands turn out to welcome Charles Lindbergh to Syracuse in 1927 (2022-07-28)
Syracuse.com – ‘This was the greatest show!’ ‘Lindmania’ comes to the Syracuse in 1851 (2022-07-15)
Syracuse.com – How ‘Syracuse China’ contributed to electricity’s growth in America (2022-07-13)
Syracuse.com – OHA history: Why July 2, and not the Fourth, is America’s real Independence Day (2022-07-02)
Syracuse.com – ‘It is our Fourth of July, our Independence Day.’ How Syracuse has celebrated Juneteenth (2022-06-17)
Bridge Street – Onondaga Historical Association celebrates the return of Marquis de Lafayette to Central New York (2022-06-15)
Syracuse.com – Now in its 30th year, the New York State Blues Festival has become an ‘historically significant institution’ (2022-06-13)
CNY Central – Should Syracuse bring back the historic Erie Canal in downtown? (2022-06-02)
Syracuse.com – Syracuse’s ‘Sniper’ monument honors one of the city’s most illustrious, and forgotten, citizens (2022-05-27)
Syracuse.com – SU chancellor James Day rebuked after criticizing President Theodore Roosevelt in 1906 (2022-05-24)
Syracuse.com – Syracuse hosts the Third National Women’s Rights Convention in 1852 (2022-05-17)
Urban CNY – Onondaga Historical Association Announces 2022 OHA Medal Honorees (2022-05-13)
Bridge Street – Rock Hall of Fame inductee ‘Libba’ Cotten has history in Syracuse (2022-05-11)
Syracuse.com – The downfall of Syracuse brew master Herman Bartels in 1905 (2022-05-09)
Spectrum – Elizabeth ‘Libba’ Cotten recognized for enormous folk music contributions (2022-05-06)
CNY Central – Folk and Blues musician Libba Cotten will be inducted into the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame (2022-05-06)
Syracuse.com – A star after 60: Syracuse’s Elizabeth ‘Libba’ Cotten taught Jerry Garcia, Pete Seeger the meaning of folk music (2022-05-05)
CNY Central – Sound designer, Central New York native was source behind many Star Wars sound effects (2022-05-04)
Syracuse.com – Syracuse mourns President Abraham Lincoln following his assassination (2022-04-14)
Syracuse University News – Open House and Panel Discussion on Doctrine of Discovery to Be Held April 16 at Skä•noñh – Great Law of Peace Center (2022-04-14)
Bridge Street – How Central New York impacted the Civil War (2022-04-13)
Syracuse.com – The New York State Fair in Mattydale? It nearly happened after World War II (2022-04-07)
Spectrum – I-81 Viaduct Before & After: 15th Ward resident remembers neighborhood before highway, weighs in on future (2022-03-31)
Syracuse.com – Discovered at the State Fair, Syracuse’s Anna Harrington played ‘Aunt Jemima’ (2022-03-25)
The Washington Post – The painful, cutting and brilliant letters Black people wrote to their former enslavers (2022-03-13)
Syracuse.com – While facing discrimination, Syracuse Irish used St. Patrick’s Day as a way to ‘proclaim their love of country, both home and abroad’ (2022-03-11)
Bridge Street – History of Syracuse St. Patrick’s Parade (2022-03-11)
Syracuse.com – For more than a century, the Dunbar Association remains the ‘heart’ of Syracuse’s Black community (2022-01-01)
SUNY Cortland – “Possessing Harriet” opens Feb. 24 (2022-02-21)
Syracuse.com – Ormond Spencer was a Syracuse basketball star who made a difference in his community (2022-02-15)
Bridge Street – History happened here: National Convention of Colored Men (2022-02-09)
Syracuse.com – SU professor George Wiley led the struggle to end segregation in Syracuse (2022-02-03)
Spectrum – CNY’s Underground Railroad ties featured in local exhibit (2022-01-31)
Syracuse.com – Hundreds gather for the 1903 dedication of Syracuse’s new ‘wisdom’s temple,’ Central High School (2022-01-31)
Syracuse.com – Until 1873 Syracuse was a ‘world of stairs’ before the introduction of the city’s first elevator (2022-01-21)
Syracuse.com – The OHA has been telling Syracuse’s story and preserving its history since 1862 (2022-01-18)
CNY Business Journal – History from OHA: Syracuse’s First Penthouse (2022-01-14)
Bridge Street – Remembering Amelia Earhart’s CNY Visits (2022-01-11)
Syracuse.com – Remembering Amelia Earhart’s visits to Central New York, where her family had “roots” (2022-01-10)