Come In From The Cold: Winter Clothing from 1860 to 1970

Embrace the cold winter weather with OHA’s display of winter clothing and accessories! Come In From The Cold presents some of OHA’s exquisite cold weather adult and children’s fashions from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries; black bear and raccoon fur coats, fur hats and muffs, beautiful children’s outwear, and several other items associated with the cold weather. Photographs of the winter landscape will augment the display of clothing and accessories.

Singer Pauline Hundshamer dons a coat that is now part of OHA’s collections

One oddity included is a horsehair coat made from a pet horse in about 1905 for Mr. William Auringer of West Monroe, New York. Mr. Auringer’s horse, unfortunately, stepped into a hole during an early twentieth century winter and subsequently died. The owner memorialized his pet horse by converting its hide into a warm winter coat.

Discover what other novelties we’ve found in our collection at OHA’s museum in downtown Syracuse! The exhibit is open now, and will remain up through the end of 2023, a welcome respite from the cold.

A special thank you to guest curator Molly Naef for their work on this exhibit.

This exhibit is made possible with the support of the County of Onondaga, The County Executive, and CNY Arts.