Haberle Bock Beer T-Shirt

Haberle Brewery’s Bock Beer T-Shirt


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We carry our own exclusive line of t-shirts featuring logos and designs from Syracuse’s historic breweries. Each of our designs is available in men’s and women’s styles and are straight from the collections of Onondaga Historical Association. If that’s not enough to “goat” you into buying this shirt, maybe the price will. How does $14.99 sound? Yeah, we thought so.

Where does the name”Bock” Come From?

This explanation comes from NoRelevance.com: “The name of the German strong ale Bockbier, or “Bock,” as it is more commonly known has numerous supposed origins. According to Darryl Richman’s 1994 book entitled Bock (Classic Beer Style Series: 9) there are several plausible theories. One involves the successful production of a beer of similar style in a small, medieval brewing town called Einbeck, located in northern Germany, whose verbal namesake was corrupted over several centuries to form the word “bock.” Another theory blames the mispronunciation or dialectic interpretation by some heavily drawled Bavarians of a locally produced version of Einbeck’s foamy goodness known as Ainpoeckische. The Bavarians had a unique fondness for the hard “P” sound in place of the softer “B” in words such as bier (beer), which is actually spelled “pier” in the famous 1516 decree by Duke Wilhelm IV “Reinheitsgebot,” also known as the German beer purity law. Over the course of centuries “Ainpoeckische Pier” could have become “Poeckische Pier” and ultimately “Poeckpier” (Bock Beer). Yet another theory states that the beer has astrological significance since it presumably could only have been made during the cold months ruled by Capricorn. Regardless of which theory of origin is accurate, all bock beer styles nevertheless converge under one unifying symbol, a billy goat. Why? Because “bock” is actually the German word for “billy goat”and, thus, bock beer labels and signage have almost always incorporated images of goats. Throughout the years I have consumed numerous pints of this rich, malty wonder and I am personally inclined to believe the goat symbolizes the kick in the head that the five to six percent of alcohol per serving will give you after a couple of rounds. Nevertheless, a traditional symbol for bock beer, the billy goat, became a modern symbol, commoditized and firmly planted in our vernacular. Of course, for a lot of people, the image of a goat has a lot more associations than bock beer. One completely unconnected context has existed and evolved for centuries.”