Congress Beer Towel

Congress Beer Towel


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Finding brewery memorabilia can be frustrating and expensive. Well, get ready to turn those tears of sadness into tears of joy and then wipe them away with this great Congress Beer towel. Each brewery item is selected from OHA’s collection and reproduced for you to enjoy in your own home.

More about Haberle’s Congress Beer

In June 1905, a popular beer called Congress was brewed by Haberle Congress Brewing Company, established 1857 in Syracuse. It was advertised as “the favorite home beer” and was a light beer. According to a quote from the Syracuse Post-Standard, the beer was, “pure and wholesome and for table use it is unsurpassed.” In the early years of the company, interested residents of the city could telephone the company and have a case delivered to their home. Haberle closed its doors in 1962 as the longest continuously producing brewery in Syracuse.