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We carry our own exclusive line of t-shirts featuring logos and designs from Syracuse’s historic breweries. Each of our designs is available in men’s and women’s styles and are straight from the collections of Onondaga Historical Association.

 More about Zett Brewing Inc.

Xavier Zett (1822-1881) established a brewery and malt house at the corner of Lodi and North State Streets. The brewery went through several name changes between 1858 and 1937; Xavier Zett (1858-1877), Xavier Zett & Son (1879-1882), George Zett (1882-1898), George Zett Brewing Co. (1898-1902), George Zett Brewery (1902-1920), George Zett Brewery, Inc. (1933-34), and Syracuse Brewery, Inc. (affiliated with Genesee) (1934-1937)

Xavier’s son, George (1843-1911), inherited the brewery after his father’s death. In 1908, the brewery was offering “quality brews” including lager, ales, and porter from their plant. Prohibition, however, forced the brewery to switch to the production of soft drinks. The main building was destroyed by fire in 1943, and only the annex (designed by Louis Lohman, 1887) remained and in recent years most of this has been demolished, too.