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2017 Holiday Ornament: Carrier Dome


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“The Dome” has been home to moments you’ll never forget. Now, you can bring the Carrier Dome home for the holidays with the 2017 OHA Ornament and relive some your favorite memories at this iconic building.

About the Carrier Dome: On Sept. 20, 1980, the Carrier Dome opened with 50,564 football fans witnessing a 36-24 Syracuse victory over Miami University. “The Dome” replaced the aging Archbold Stadium, which had been built on the same spot in 1907. The project cost approximately $27 million (about $78 million today) to complete. It is the largest domed stadium on any college campus and the largest domed stadium in the Northeast. It can seat over 30,000 people for basketball games and nearly 50,000 for football games. Over the past four decades, the Dome has been the site of sporting events, commencements and convocations, concerts and community events.