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Product Description

Syracuse’s Cathedral Candle Company has been in business since 1897, owned and operated by several generations of the Steigerwald family. The company specializes in high quality candles made for use in churches around the world, including the Vatican. Available for purchase to the general public exclusively through OHA, these red or white 14 inch twist taper candles are handmade using 19th century equipment and are of excellent quality and value.

About Cathedral Candle Company

True to a continuing tradition dating back to the Middle Ages, Cathedral candles are produced from 51% beeswax to ensure the purest form and the longest-burning flame. To this day, their manufacturing facility continues to use assembly lines of molds, presses and inventive automation devices built to the exacting specifications of Jacob Steigerwald.

Every finished product produced through a sophisticated extrusion equipment looks and performs like the specialty candles their candlemakers create in their traditional hand-dipping processes. And every manufacturing run is tested by a company chemist. So you can depend on a quality product designed to deliver optimum flame size, burning time and general burning properties.

During the onslaught of religious reformists, German monasteries protected examples of religious symbolism that flourished in the Middle Ages. They were sharing the preserved records with non-Catholics, as well as Catholics who came to study the meaning of ancient Christian worship. It was at this time that Francis Baumer recruited Jacob Steigerwald, a young yet accomplished Bavarian candle designer.

For 16 years, Steigerwald supervised production at the Francis Baumer Candle Company and learned American business practices. In 1896, Baumer merged his company with the Eckermann & Will Candle Company, expanding his presence in the residential market.

Steigerwald faced a decision: should he join the bigger, diversified company and share in the increased responsibilities? Or should he concentrate on religious traditions?

His answer was Cathedral Candle Company, opened in 1897. Over 100 years later, it is owned and operated by the fourth generation of Steigerwalds. Cathedral still makes only church candles.

The original factory, on Kirkpatrick Street in Syracuse, remains the core of today’s expanded manufacturing facility. Assembly lines of molds, presses, and inventive automation devices built to Jacob Steigerwald’s specifications still operate there today, alongside modern state-of-the-art candle manufacturing equipment built to Cathedral’s specifications.