Photo License for Non-Profit Publication, Exhibits, Facebook


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    Product Description

    Use in non-profit organization publication (not for sale) and/or exhibits (normal res); Facebook (low res)

    By purchasing this one time usage right, you are agreeing to use your photo for research use for 3rd party-paid studies, reports, contracted services, architectural engineering projects (etc.) or for use in a nonprofit organization publication that is for sale, films/videos (etc.). This usage right does not allow you to use a photo for a jacket cover for a DVD or Book. Please read the additional information below to ensure you understand this agreement.

    Additional information:

    • Credit: The back of each print, CD, DVD, webpage, photocopy, etc., must indicate that the image if from the collection of the Onondaga Historical Association, 321 Montgomery Street, Syracuse, NY 13202.
    • One Time Use: Permission to use the photograph(s) / reproduction(s) is for one time use only. As indicated above, any subsequent use without prior written permission of the OHA is prohibited. All other rights, including those of further publication, are reserved in full by the Onondaga Historical Association.
    • Subcontracts: All subcontracts regarding the photographing of the OHA collection items or reproduction of images or photocopying of items from OHA collections pursuant to this non-exclusive license shall incorporate this agreement and all of its terms shall be applicable. No subcontracts may be entered into for the purpose of reproducing items without the express written permission of OHA.
    • Copy to the Library: One copy of any photographic negative or print, publication, brochure, advertisement, video, CD, DVD, etc. using images made from OHA’s collections shall be given gratis to OHA, if requested.
    • Cost and Use Fees: Payment of the applicable costs and associated use fees will be paid before images will be released by the OHA.