Inside the OHA Collection: “From a Galaxy Far, Far Away”

The collection at Onondaga Historical Association is extensive, ranging from paintings, to trophies, Syracuse China, furniture, sports paraphernalia, and everything in between. Each of these objects help to tell the unique story of our community’s past. However, some objects can steal the limelight quite easily…

In 1895, Eli Pratt found this “visitor from outer space” on his farm near Pompey, New York.


It is a 33 pound meteorite consisting mostly of iron with some nickel and cobalt. The red spot on its side is jasper. This space traveler reached Mr. Pratt’s farm in a hurry as meteorites travel at about 27 miles per second! Entering the earth’s atmosphere (and friction of the air) at this speed causes them to burn bright, often separating the meteorite into small particles. More rarely, meteorites are large enough, and dense enough, they they don’t burn completely, such was the case here.