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The Skä•noñh – Great Law of Peace Center is a Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) Heritage Center focused on telling the story of the native peoples of central New York.

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You can interact with OHA in the community from the Onondaga Creekwalk to the Onondaga County War Memorial

Onondaga Historical Association (OHA) was formed in 1862 by community leaders and officially chartered in April of 1863 by an act of the New York State Legislature with the purpose of collecting and preserving historical, genealogical, scientific and literary material related to Onondaga County, New York. Today, in addition to our founding mission, OHA has become much more.

OHA is a private nonprofit educational association of heritage related Services, Museums, Research and Educational Centers, and Retail Operations. 

Our downtown location contains our Administrative Offices, the Onondaga Historical Museum as well as an extensive research center and a Gift Gallery Museum Store with an expanding, collection inspired product line. But, OHA’s reach goes beyond the walls of our building downtown.

Opened in November 2015, the Skä•noñh – Great Law of Peace Center in Liverpool, New York, presents the history and values of the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) from the perspective of the Onondaga Nation. This cultural center and research facility introduces visitors to the oral history tradition of the Haudenosaunee and to the amazing contributions of these native people to our current American way of life. The site also includes a recreated 17th Century compound, which served as the Mission of Sainte Marie Among the Iroquois.

OHA is also working with a number of nonprofits, government agencies, and local businesses to create a unique experience for residents of, and visitors to, central New York by bringing the historic Gustav Stickley house back to life as a unique House Museum/Boutique Hotel.

In addition to these locations, we have made an effort to be where you are. In collaboration with businesses, organizations, companies, colleges and universities, and government agencies, OHA now has countless exhibits throughout the community. From the Onondaga County War Memorial to the Onondaga Creekwalk and everywhere in between (and beyond) you can find OHA wherever history was made.

We are also proud to provide services for the public, including presentations and lectures, tours, educational programming, product development and licensing opportunities, customized exhibits for organizations and businesses, and research services, just to name a few.

Welcome to the OHA. We hope you will join us on an exciting journey to discover our past, improve our present, and prepare for our future.