Skä•noñh Center

The Skä•noñh – Great Law of Peace Center is a Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) Heritage Center focused on telling the story of the native peoples of central New York. The history is told through the lens of the Onondaga Nation and covers topics such as Creation, European Contact, The Great Law of Peace, and more. The Onondagas, or People of the Hills, are the keepers of the Central Fire and are the spiritual and political center of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy.

A message from the Skä•noñh – Great Law of Peace Center director:

In challenging times, like ones we’re currently facing, we often find ourselves in a state of awareness and appreciation for the people and things in our lives that truly matter. The things we have a tendency to overlook take on a new level of importance.

In Haudenosaunee tradition, being grateful and giving thanks is a regular practice in both everyday life and at special occasions. The Thanksgiving Address, or “The Words that Come Before All Else,” is delivered in Native Haudenosaunee languages at both the beginning and the end of social gatherings, celebrations, and council meetings; and it is recited each morning at the beginning of the school day. The Thanksgiving Address is not a prayer, but rather an offering of greetings and thanks to the natural world. Each part of Creation is acknowledged and thanked for the ways in which it contributes to life on Earth.

This practice is not only a positive way to start your day, but it can help you to make decisions and act with a good mind. When recited collectively, it can unite a group of people from many different backgrounds, interests, and concerns around what we all have in common, that the Earth is our home and she provides everything we need for life.

When was the last time you expressed gratitude to nature? Felt thankful for the cool, clean water that quenches your thirst? For the sun that lights the sky and warms your skin? For the plants and animals that provide food to fuel your body, medicines to heal, and guidance for how to live upon the Earth? How do you think our society would be different if recognition and gratitude for the parts of nature was a part of our collective practice?

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Adults – $5
Seniors(Age 62+) – $4
College  (with I.D.) – $4
Children (Age 10-17) – $4
Children Nine & Under – Free

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Permanent Exhibits on Display

Welcome to the Great Law of Peace Center

Thanksgiving Address

The Creation Story

The Peacemaker’s Journey and the Great Law of Peace

Continuance and Contribution

Saint marie de Gannentaha Mission Site Museum

Temporary Exhibits on Display

Tonto Revisited

Dreams of Peace: Native American Flutes & Traditional Haudenosaunee Instruments (Going up in late May)


Wednesday-Friday 10am-4pm
Saturday 11am-4pm

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