Syracuse Author Edward Westcott’s Manuscript Accepted

David Harum, Edward Westcott

David Harum, by E. N. Westcott 1926

On December 23rd, 1897, D. Appleton and Company accepted the manuscript for “David Harum” by Edward Westcott, a retired Syracuse bank teller who died before publication. The book was destined to become an all-time best seller and was best known for the colloquial use of the term “horse trading.” In the book, the main character, David Harum, is a banker and horse trader from the town of Homeville in Central New York. This is remarkably similar to the real life individual David Hannum, a banker and horse trader from the town of Homer in CNY, who is best known for his involvement with the Cardiff Giant hoax. The book was adapted into a movie starring Will Rogers and the world premier was held in Cortland in 1934.