Today in History: A section of the Erie Canal collapsed over Onondaga Creek

Eire Canal Collapse at Culvert

On July 30th 1907, an arch in an 1838 stone culvert supporting the Erie Canal where it passed over Onondaga Creek gave way, creating a huge hole in the bottom of the canal. The ensuing vortex of water was so strong that five canal boats were sucked in and completely destroyed. The back wall of the Amos Mill, which backed up right to the canal, also collapsed, adding barrels of flour to the debris. That section of canal had to be drained and closed until it could be repaired, which was a devastating blow for the local economy, of which the canal was an important part. After holding up for an additional 107 years, the culvert was repaired again in 2015 and is still in place, carrying Erie Boulevard over Onondaga Creek.