MikelParis’ TuneTrek Video Filmed at Sainte Marie Among the Iroquois Airing on PBS Station WOSU in Columbus, Ohio

When MikelParis isn’t playing keyboard for the band O.A.R., he’s busy following his passions for exploring historic places and performing original songs in a project he calls TuneTrek. He came through Syracuse for a stop on O.A.R.’s fall 2015 tour at the Skä•noñh Center, Paris recorded a music video in the Sainte Marie Mission chapel, set on a hill above Onondaga Lake on a windy, frigid day.

What is TuneTrek? “TuneTrek was born out of my love for travel and exploration and adventure,” he explains. “The feeling of seeing something new for the first time … I love that, I live for that. Obviously, there’s my love for music. I was looking for a way to combine those two things with history and architecture. I drew inspiration from Les Stroud, Survivorman, and Live from Daryl’s House. I like aspects of both of those shows.” – MikelParis

So far he’s filmed more than 30 TuneTrek videos all across the country. He’s visited castles, haunted inns, museums, scenic vistas, factories, zoos, and more. He selects a tune to record based on the feel of the locale. “I try to think about where I am going and what song seems to support the feel of it lyrically,” he says. “When I get to the space, invariably, sometimes I feel different and something else happens.”

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