This Month in History: Woodlawn Cemetery Association Incorporated

Woodlawn Cemetery Syracuse, NY

By 1881, some Syracusans saw the need for a new cemetery. With Rose Hill almost full, and Oakwood located a distance to the south, leading Northsiders advocated for the establishment of an additional cemetery in their neighborhood. Additionally, the Potter’s Field at Rose Hill was filled and Oakwood lacked such a location for indigents. By April of 1881, funds were raised, a 105-acre site was selected on today’s Grant Boulevard near Teall Avenue, and the Woodlawn Cemetery Association was officially incorporated. Several Civil War veterans who were awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor are buried in Woodlawn.

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Woodlawn Cemetery was established in 1881 to provide a picturesque cemetery for the growing Syracuse community. Today, Woodlawn continues this tradition of serving the public by maintaining beautiful grounds that offer quiet comfort to visitors.

Founded as a traditional cemetery, Woodlawn has always focused on providing a welcoming place for celebrating the lives and memories of family and friends. A not-for-profit cemetery, Woodlawn has met the needs of a changing community over the years.

In the mid-1970s, Woodlawn built the first garden mausoleum in Central New York. Today we serve a large portion of the community with more than 8,000 crypts. We continuously invest in the cemetery, maintaining roads, planting trees and caring for older sections. These important steps keep Woodlawn looking its best year round.

Woodlawn continues to meet the needs of the community and is open every day of the year from sunrise to sunset. We encourage people to visit the cemetery to walk, run, bike, bird watch or remember family and friends.