Today in History: Century Cycling Club Road Race in Cicero

Century Cycling Club, 1890s

Century Cycling Club Road Race in Cicero was reported on in this edition of The Sporting Life took place on this day in 1892 (May 18).

THE SYRACUSE ROAD RACE: Winners of the Ten-mile Race of the Century Cycling Club – Curran’s Accident

SYRACUSE, N. Y., Saturday, May 21. The ten-mile handicap road race of the Century Cycling Club on the Cicero plank road was run on last Wednesday afternoon, and attracted a crowd of spectators to the course. The one unpleasant incident of the race was an accident which befell the scratch man, H. L. Curran. As he was getting away in the first half-mile the head of his machine broke, separating the wheels and throwing the rider violently to the ground. Curran was picked up and brought back to the city in a carriage. The officers of the race were Joseph F Ruhl, starter; Harry Deming, A. J. Garrett and N. S. Curtis, timers, and John Dean and Seward Armstrong, scorers. C. Edward Wood, a limit man, finished first, winning the gold medal for first prize; Gratton Hancock, second prize and also the time prize, a gold medal. The third was won by Arthur E. Weed and the fourth by Robert Darling. Third prize was an L. A. W. pin and the fourth was a meerschaum pipe. Following is the summary of the riders:

Edward Wood
Gratton Hancock
Arthur Weed
Robert Darling
H. D. Denison
George McChesney
D. J. Bacon
Ralph Strong
J. H. Johonnot
W.T. law
11 Harry Marble
12 J. H. Dickinson