A Bicycle Race Between the Syracuse Herald and Utica Press

Syracuse_1896-0614_biker“SYRACUSE, N. Y., May 28 (1892): The Evening Herald and the Utica Press have arranged to have a relay bicycle race between the two cities at a time to be agreed upon by the members of the different clubs. The two papers will give a trophy to the riders making the best time, the distance to be covered by road. The idea is practically the same as in the great relay race recently run. The Syracuse riders will leave the Herald office with a message to the Utica Press. At Utica, a stop of five minutes will be made, during which time the answer will be prepared and then the riders will start back with the return message. The Utica riders will leave the [Utica] Press office at exactly the same time with a message to the Herald and the same stop will be made in Syracuse, when the return message will be started for Utica. This makes everything entirely fair for the riders of both cities. The distance to be traveled will be a little more than 100 miles, and with good roads it can be made in ten hours, but with the rivalry which exists between the riders of the two cities the distance will, no doubt, be made in less time. It is the intention of the Herald to allow all three of the Syracuse clubs to complete in the race. There is but one club in Utica and it will have entire charge of the selection of the Utica men to ride in the race. The details of arranging the relays, selection of the riders from Syracuse, and other matters pertaining to the race will be left entirely with the bicyclers, and the clubs will, no doubt, he able to arrange these amicably. If the Utica riders make the best time the trophy will go to their club. In the event of the Syracuse riders winning the win the representatives of the three clubs will decide upon some plan of awarding the trophy to one of the clubs, either by another race between riders from the three clubs, or in some other equitable way.”

This article is from a June 4th, 1892 edition of The SportingLife.