Onondaga Faithkeeper Oren Lyons & OHA Executive Director Gregg Tripoli on the Campbell Conversations


Oren Lyons & Gregg Tripoli on the Campbell Conversations. Photo Courtesy of WRVO

Onondaga Historical Association Executive Director Gregg Tripoli, left, and Onondaga Nation Faithkeeper Oren Lyons

Last November, the Great Law of Peace Center opened on Onondaga Lake, replacing the Ste. Marie Among the Iroquois exhibit. The new center is focused on and driven by the history and culture of the Haudenosaunee and more specifically, the Onondaga Nation. On this edition of the Campbell Conversations, host Grant Reeher is joined by Onondaga Nation Faith-keeper Oren Lyons, and Onondaga Historical Association Executive Director Gregg Tripoli to discuss the new center, the politics and negotiations involved in making the change, and the history of the Haudenosaunee and the Great Law of Peace.

Listen to the interview below, courtesy of WRVO Public Media and the Campbell Conversations.