“I’m Glad I’m Back in Syracuse”

Glad I'm Back in Syracuse

Whether you’re a long time resident of Syracuse, a snow-bird, or just passing through, everyone gets the blues when they miss Syracuse.

Words by F. Davis
Music by M. Gleasman
Published by Rudolph Brothers
Sheet music sold at The Novelty Shop

453 South Salina Street

Gee! But I feel blue, awful lonesome too,
Thoughts of home keep running through my brain
Nothing more to do, mighty glad I’m through

When I was away almost every day
I would sit from time to time and sigh
When I get back home, no more will I roam.

Guess I’ll pack my grip and take a train, Mister Porter man
Mister Porter man, Tell me truly are we drawing near
What is that I hear you say? We’re not very far away

Listen then I want you all to hear
Then I’ll not have any cause to cry, Mister Porter man, Mister Porter man

Don’t you think we’re very near due
I expect a big ovation, when we reach the railroad station
From the members of the “Mystic Krewe”
I’m glad we’re back in Syracuse again

Back in my old home town once more
I’m going to meet the friends I left behind
And greet them as I never did before

Gee! Won’t Salina Street look good to me
I’ve tried to stay away, but all in vain
And the “Bid you welcome” sign, hits the right spot every time
I’m glad I’m back in Syracuse again, again.