August 1948: Syracuse Celebrates its Centennial

Syracuse Centennial Celebration, August 1948

On August 14th, 1948, the City of Syracuse began a week long celebration of its 100th anniversary. The celebration was one of the largest in the city’s history with 100,000 present for the parade alone, which included floats, festive music from drum and bugle corps, and dancers. A list of special events included historical performances at Syracuse University’s Archbold Stadium, a huge street, and the election of Betty Michaels as Miss Syracuse Centennial and Beverly Beauchamp as Miss Onondaga County. Syracuse, named by John Wilkinson in 1824, was incorporated as a city in 1848 by combining of the villages of Salina and Syracuse.

A video of the celebration can be seen below.

Here’s the Post Standard from August 15th describing the centennial celebrations.