Today in History: Charles A. Lindbergh Lands at Amboy Airport

Lindbergh Syracuse, Herald Article May 22nd, 1977

On July 28, 1927 at 2:02 PM, Charles A. Lindbergh landed his Spirit of St. Louis monoplane at Syracuse’s Amboy Airport. 6,000 people were in attendance, despite a police announcement barring people from the landing field, according to an article in the Post Standard in 1977, the 50th anniversary of his flight by reporter J. Michael Kelly. The anniversary article mentions “men stood reverently with hat in hand, pretty girls threw kisses, and old women cried with joy.”

A motorcade of Syracuse made Franklins, which Lindbergh had an affinity for (photograph below), brought him to Archbold Stadium where he was met with 25,000 people. For those unable to be in attendance, radio stations WSYR and WFBL broadcasts the speech.

The motorcade featured Mayor Charles G. Hanna, former Secretary of State Mrs. Florence Knapp, and Treasure of Franklin Auto Company Frank Barton. “Lindy,” as the article’s author affectionately calls him, was given the keys to the city by Mayor Hanna. Lindbergh then made a speech that spoke about aviation and his wishes for cities to “furnish and equip airports” around the country.

Lindbergh then spent the rest of the afternoon at the Hotel Syracuse in a suite previously used by Theodore Roosevelt, Aimee Semple McPherson, and Prince William of Sweden.

Below, Lindbergh stands with a Franklin. The original photo is a coveted piece of the OHA collection and, with it, a piece of the fuselage from the Spirit of St. Louis.