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Beneath the Surface: The Storied History of Onondaga Lake has finally come to DVD!

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The expected shipment date is September 9th, 2020. With current Postal Service situations, delivery times may vary.

An Onondaga Historical Association Production
An Otto Media Film
Written & Directed by Mark Eischen
Director of Photography – Bret Moses
Executive Producer – Gregg Tripoli

Beneath the Surface: The Storied History of Onondaga Lake covers the amazing history of the lake and the remarkable impact it has had on our American Way of Life over the past six centuries. From the birthplace of the Great Law of Peace and the great Haudenosaunee Confederacy, the first representative democracy in the west, to the production of the country’s largest supply of some of its most important commodities and innovative products, to the Resort Era and the WPA project that built Onondaga Lake Park, to the most polluted lake in America, to one of the largest Superfund Clean-up sites in history, to a tourist attraction and the center of economic, cultural, recreational, educational, and natural development in our community.