OHA in the News – 2020

OHA doesn’t only collect and preserve history, we make it too. Much of what OHA does is news worthy and, in addition, our staff is often called upon to provide context to stories about events, buildings, people, and more. Below is what we’ve contributed in 2019, from our regular articles in the Post Standard, CNY Business Journal, and CNY The Goodlife to adding value to reporters’ stories and reports on our own events.

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Syracuse.com – Photo of the day (2020-11-30)

Syracuse.com – Floyd Little through the years (2020-11-29)

Syracuse.com – Photos: An old Woolworth’s 5-and-dime store still echoes in downtown Syracuse building (2020-11-28)

CNYBJ – CNY Legends – A Note from the Onondaga Historical Association (2020-11-10)

LocalSYR – Popular Meme is an accurate quote delivered in Syracuse during a presidential whistle-stop (2020-11-03)

LocalSYR – Explore Haunted History in CNY (2020-10-30)

Spectrum News – Rebuilding CNY, Geddes is Growing (2020-10-30)

Syracuse.com- Trick-or-treating, OHA ghost walk, virtual wine tasting: 12 things to do in CNY (2020-10-28)

Eagle News – Could the Columbus statue end up in Lyncourt? (2020-10-27)

CNYCentral – Laura Hand among Onondaga Historical Association Medal Award honorees this year (2020-10-27)

WRVO – Italian Americans unhappy with the decision, and timing, to remove Syracuse’s Columbus statue (2020-10-12)

WAER – City of Syracuse to Remove Columbus Statue in Larger Effort to Reimagine Columbus Circle (2020-10-09)

CNYCentral – What we can learn from the second wave of the 1918 Flu Epidemic (2020-09-25)

Syracuse.com – Could Syracuse’s historic ‘beer king’ statue inspire a record-setting 3D sculpture? (2020-09-24)

Syracuse.com – Stickley house restoration in Syracuse gets $500,000 federal grant – but they’ll need some help (2020-09-13)

Syracuse.com – Full of life at 103: CNY literacy pioneer Ruth Colvin pens her 12th book (2020-09-13)

Spectrum News – A Look at the 1918 Flu in Onondaga County (2020-09-10)

CNYCentral – At 103, Syracuse’s Ruth Colvin is still swinging a golf club and teaching life lessons (2020-08-27)

LocalSyr.com – Miss the fair? Take a look at this photo gallery (2020-08-24)

LocalSyr.com – V-J Day Remembered: Celebrating The End Of WWII In Syracuse (2020-08-14)

LocalSyr.com – Tuesday marks 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, paving the way for future women leaders (2020-08-14)

WAER – Syracuse Columbus Circle Working Group set to Begin Shaping New Future for Controversial Monument (2020-07-21)

Syracuse.com – Supporters rally for Columbus statue in Syracuse. It’s about 1934, they say, not 1492 (2020-07-16)

Syracuse.com – Syracuse Mayor Walsh appoints Columbus Circle committee (2020-07-14)

LocalSyr.com – Where does the cancellation of the State Fair in 2020 fit into its history? (2020-07-11)

CNYBJ – HISTORY FROM OHA – The story of the Iroquois China Company (2020-07-09)

Bridge Street – Learning The Story of Edna May From Onondaga Historical Association (2020-07-08).

LocalSYR.com – Despite cancellation of New York State Fair, it will always be part of CNY’s history (2020-07-07).

Syracuse.com – 4th of July, Virtual Arts Fest: 12 things to do in CNY (2020-07-03).

Spectrum News – OHA Encourages Education About Christopher Columbus Statue (2020-06-30).

Syracuse.com – Onondaga Historical Association to reopen its museums this week (2020-06-29).

Syracuse.com – Syracuse’s Columbus statue debate: Why we should remove it and why we should keep it (2020-06-25).

Smithsonian – Quaker Oats to Retire Aunt Jemima After Acknowledging Brand’s Origins as ‘Racial Stereotype’ (2020-06-18).

Syracuse.com – Longtime Syracuse man dies in bike-truck collision; was OHA volunteer, presidential history buff (2020-06-18).

Adirondack Daily Enterprise – Local man dies in collision with truck (2020-06-18).

Spectrum News – Aunt Jemima’s Story Is Over, But it Started in Syracuse (2020-06-17).

Bridge Street TV – Looking Back On Activism In CNY (2020-06-11).

Bridge Street TV – At 103 Years Young, CNY Woman Writes Memoir – And What A Story It Is! (2020-06-01).

CNY Central – As we wait for a COVID-19 vaccine, a look back at the history of polio in CNY (2020-05-28).

Syracuse.com – The Condemned: Meet Richard Shanahan, the Syracuse lawyer who kept many of his clients out of the electric chair (2020-05-28).

Bridge Street TV – OHA On the 75th Anniversary of V-E Day Historians Remember Central New York’s Vital Role (2020-05-13)

Syracuse.com – Virtual things to do in CNY (2020-05-13)

CNY Central – ‘Victory gardens’ make a comeback as many begin growing food during pandemic (2020-04-22)

Bridge Street TV – A look at the pandemic of 2020 from the lessons of 1918 (2020-04-20).

WAER – COVID-19 Impact on CNY Arts and Culture: Organizations Face Uncertain Future as Closure Drags On (2020-04-17)

Syracuse.com – Consider donating your coronavirus stimulus money to someone in need (2020-04-16)

Bridge Street TV – Looking back at the Syracuse Nationals in the NBA, 65 years after winning an NBA title (2020-04-10).

Bridge Street TV – How CNY Response To COVID-19 Measures Up To 1918 Spanish Flu (2020-04-08)

WAER – COVID-19 Update: Oneida County Confirms First Case; Syracuse Police Adjust Response Protocol (2020-03-17)

Syracuse.com – Onondaga Historical Association closes museums over the coronavirus (2020-03-17)

Syracuse.com – See what inside of Stickley house in Syracuse will look like after $2M restoration (2020-03-05)

LocalSYR.com – 1918: When Syracuse fell victim to a worldwide pandemic (2020-03-04)

CNY Central – Comparing the coronavirus to the 1918 flu pandemic in Syracuse (2020-03-03)

Atlas Obscura – For Sale: A Sprawling Carriage Factory and the House on Its Roof (2020-02-19)

Syracuse.com – $2M campaign launched for Gustav Stickley house restoration in Syracuse (2020-02-17)

Syracuse.com – Actor Robert De Niro to be saluted at Syracuse St. Patrick’s Parade? Just blarney (2020-02-14)

The Ithaca Voice – Fifth candidate enters race for 125th Assembly seat (2020-02-12)

Bridge Street TV – OHA Commemorates Black History Month With Permanent Freedom Exhibit (2020-02-12)

Syracuse.com – 1925: The killer snowstorm that paralyzed Syracuse with 27.5 inches in 24 hours (2020-01-29)

CNY Central – Bringing beer and history together in Syracuse (2020-01-10)

Bridge Street TV – Looking Back At The Impact Of Prohibition (2020-01-08).