OHA in the News – 2023

Bridge Street – A look back at Charles Dickens’ visit to Syracuse (2023-12-13)
The Daily Orange – Syracuse to revitalize abandoned properties for affordable housing (2023-12-05)
Syracuse.com – Syracuse went ‘crazy’ when Charles Dickens visited in 1868. The writer was less impressed with the city. (2023-12-01)
CNY Business Journal – Onondaga Historical Association names five new board members (2023-12-01)
Syracuse.com – ‘White Lava’ in Solvay? Memories of the 1943 Solvay Wastebed Disaster (2023-11-29)
CNY Central – A walk through time: The evolution of 400 S. Salina St. (2023-11-20)
Syracuse.com – Syracuse celebrates the end of World War I despite a premature announcement (2023-11-10)
Syracuse University – Skä·noñh Center Admission Now Free for University Community (2023-11-09)
Bridge Street – The story behind George Barnard, 19th century photographer (2023-11-08)
Syracuse.com – Capturing catastrophe: Syracuse photographer George Barnard and the beginnings of photojournalism (2023-11-06)
Syracuse.com – Invasion of the Body Snatchers? How a Syracuse doctor’s death changed the study of medicine forever (2023-10-30)
WIBX – Travel Down One of CNYs Most Haunted, Curvy Roads, If You Dare (2023-10-26)
Smithsonian Magazine – Why We Need to Understand Frederick Douglass Now More Than Ever (2023-10-20)
Travel Lens – 20 Free Things to Do in Syracuse, NY (2023-10-15)
Syracuse.com – Finished in 1953, Syracuse’s Nottingham High School, was considered ‘state of the art’ when it opened (2023-10-2)
Syracuse.com – Syracuse’s ‘Jerry Rescue’ sent an ‘earthquake voice through the land’ against slavery (2023-09-29)
Syracuse.com – Syracuse Poster Project seeks poems on the ‘famous faces of Syracuse’ (2023-09-26)
Bridge Street – Celebrating the career of Marjorie Dey Carter (2023-09-13)
Syracuse.com – As schools reopen, a look back at Syracuse’s first Black public school teacher (2023-09-07)
The Daily Meal – What Exactly Are Syracuse Salt Potatoes? (2023-09-02)
Syracuse.com – Mardi Gras on the Erie Canal: The Ka-Noo-No Karnival saved the New York State Fair (2023-08-22)
Central Current – Ever wonder what Syracuse would look like in watercolor? Find out at new OHA exhibit (2023-08-15)
Syracuse.com – From Syracuse to Manhattan: The Bomb and VJ Day (2023-08-14)
Bridge Street – Celebrate the relaunch of Syracuse-made Congress beer (2023-08-09)
Syracuse.com – Street Cars, Songs, and Sailing: A look back at the Iron Pier and the golden age of Onondaga Lake Resorts (2023-07-21)
Syracuse.com – Sundae Stroll: Schrafft’s in Syracuse (2023-07-18)
Bridge Street – How “The Swedish Nightingale” took Syracuse by storm (2023-07-12)
Syracuse.com – Freedom’s Contradictions: Independence Day in Antebellum Syracuse (2023-06-30)
Syracuse.com – A Monumental Day: The Dedication of Syracuse’s Soldiers and Sailors Monument (2023-06-22)
WAER – City fourth graders learn why Syracuse is called the “Salt City” (2023-06-20)
CNY Central – Juneteenth: A tradition in Syracuse since 1988 (2023-06-19)
Rise Up – Letting Go Of Your Own Understanding (2023-06-19)
Artdaily – National Portrait Gallery presents “One Life: Frederick Douglass” (2023-06-16)
Syracuse.com – The story of Juneteenth in Syracuse: ‘It is our Fourth of July, our Independence Day.’ (2023-06-16)
NewsBreak – New York! You’re Cooking Salt Potatoes Wrong (2023-06-02)
Syracuse.com – Treason City? Daniel Webster’s 1851 ‘Syracuse Speech’ (2023-06-01)
Syracuse.com – Hope Springs Eternal: The Polio Vaccine is released in 1955 (2023-05-24)
Spectrum News – When a former president’s trial captivated a New York courthouse (2023-05-22)
Syracuse.com – Out of the Wilderness: The creation of the Syracuse City School District (2023-05-18)
The Daily Orange – A roadmap to graduation week events (2023-05-10)
Bridge Street – SU’s Hall of Languages celebrates 150-year anniversary (2023-05-10)
WAER – Neilia Biden photo among relics of Syracuse school district’s history (2023-05-09)
Syracuse.com – Since the dedication of Syracuse University’s Hall of Languages in 1873, the school and city have ‘grown up together’ (2023-05-08)
Syracuse University News – The Hall of Languages, a Legendary Landmark, Turns 150 (2023-05-08)
WAER – Syracuse drug store closure reignites interest in corner’s rich history (2023-05-04)
Times Union – Capital Region history gets boost with two federal grants (2023-04-25)
Eagle News Online – Historical fiction novel connects Gage, Cleveland (2023-04-24)
Syracuse.com – The Trial of the Century comes to Syracuse: The Teddy Roosevelt-Barnes Libel Trial (2023-04-19)
Bridge Street – Dey Brothers Building Celebrates Birthday (2023-04-12)
Syracuse.com – Composer Gustav Mahler and the NY Philharmonic Orchestra wowed Syracuse audience in 1910 (2023-04-11)
Syracuse.com – Syracuse’s Harriet May Mills was a trailblazer in the women’s suffrage movement (2023-03-29)
Syracuse.com – Syracuse’s Irish community used St. Patrick’s Day in the 19th century to ‘proclaim their love of country’ (2023-03-17)
Syracuse.com – How a CNY abolitionist became the first First Lady of the state of Florida (2023-03-14)
Syracuse University News – Onondaga Historical Association Tour Helps Social Work Students Discover a City ‘Shaped By Its Unfair Past’ (2023-03-09)
Bridge Street – Learning about Chloe Merrick Reed with Onondaga Historical Association (2023-03-08)
Syracuse.com – And so it begins: Syracuse Rev. Jermain W. Loguen issues a warning to his countrymen in 1844 (2023-02-28)
CNY Central – New exhibit features vintage Syracuse winter clothing along historic photos & artifacts (2023-02-22)
Spectrum News – Louisiana woman keeps Syracuse’s 15th Ward memories alive (2023-02-22)
Syracuse.com – Abolitionist Frederick Douglass received a friendlier reception in Syracuse than in other Erie Canal cities (2023-02-20)
Syracuse.com – How did Syracuse stay warm (and chic) 100 years ago? Explore cold weather style through the decades at OHA (2023-02-17)
Syracuse.com – A Light in the Darkness: The extraordinary life of Edmonia Highgate (2023-02-15)
Central Current – Onondaga Historical Association to hold ‘Come In From The Cold’ exhibit event (2023-02-09)
Bridge Street – Origins behind Ormond Spencer Park (2023-02-08)
WAER – Syracuse, Cazenovia home to significant moments in Black history (2023-02-05)
Syracuse.com – Action by community groups and CORE forces Syracuse’s leaders to confront injustice in the 1960s (2023-02-03)
Bridge Street – How Andrew Carnegie made the Syracuse Public Library possible (2023-01-27)
Syracuse.com – Were the ‘roots’ of the Republican Party started under a Syracuse elm tree? (2023-01-26)
WAER – Onondaga Historical Association’s new executive director ready to chart path into the future (2023-01-23)
Syracuse.com – Syracuse celebrates President Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation with ‘rejoicing’ (2023-01-19)
Syracuse.com – People in Motion: 25 new hires, promotions, more at CNY businesses, organizations (2023-01-16)
Syracuse.com – Company news: Lisa Romano Moore appointed to Onondaga Historical Association leadership role (2023-01-12)
Bridge Street – History Happened Here: The Emancipation Proclamation (2023-01-11)
CNY Business Journal – OHA Begins The Year With A New Executive Director (2023-01-05)
Bridge Street – Onondaga Historical Association appoints new executive director (2023-01-03)