OHA in the News – 2023

OHA doesn’t only collect and preserve history, we make it too! Much of what OHA does is news worthy, and our staff is often called upon to provide context to stories about events, buildings, people, and more. Below is what we’ve contributed in 2023, from our regular articles in the Post Standard, CNY Business Journal, and CNY The Good Life to adding value to reporters’ stories and reports on our own events.

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The Daily Orange – A roadmap to graduation week events (2023-05-10)
Bridge Street – SU’s Hall of Languages celebrates 150-year anniversary (2023-05-10)
WAER – Neilia Biden photo among relics of Syracuse school district’s history (2023-05-09)
Syracuse.com – Since the dedication of Syracuse University’s Hall of Languages in 1873, the school and city have ‘grown up together’ (2023-05-08)
Syracuse University News – The Hall of Languages, a Legendary Landmark, Turns 150 (2023-05-08)
WAER – Syracuse drug store closure reignites interest in corner’s rich history (2023-05-04)
Times Union – Capital Region history gets boost with two federal grants (2023-04-25)
Eagle News Online – Historical fiction novel connects Gage, Cleveland (2023-04-24)
Syracuse.com – The Trial of the Century comes to Syracuse: The Teddy Roosevelt-Barnes Libel Trial (2023-04-19)
Bridge Street – Dey Brothers Building Celebrates Birthday (2023-04-12)
Syracuse.com – Composer Gustav Mahler and the NY Philharmonic Orchestra wowed Syracuse audience in 1910 (2023-04-11)
Syracuse.com – Syracuse’s Harriet May Mills was a trailblazer in the women’s suffrage movement (2023-03-29)
Syracuse.com – Syracuse’s Irish community used St. Patrick’s Day in the 19th century to ‘proclaim their love of country’ (2023-03-17)
Syracuse.com – How a CNY abolitionist became the first First Lady of the state of Florida (2023-03-14)
Syracuse University News – Onondaga Historical Association Tour Helps Social Work Students Discover a City ‘Shaped By Its Unfair Past’ (2023-03-09)
Bridge Street – Learning about Chloe Merrick Reed with Onondaga Historical Association (2023-03-08)
Syracuse.com – And so it begins: Syracuse Rev. Jermain W. Loguen issues a warning to his countrymen in 1844 (2023-02-28)
CNY Central – New exhibit features vintage Syracuse winter clothing along historic photos & artifacts (2023-02-22)
Spectrum News – Louisiana woman keeps Syracuse’s 15th Ward memories alive (2023-02-22)
Syracuse.com – Abolitionist Frederick Douglass received a friendlier reception in Syracuse than in other Erie Canal cities (2023-02-20)
Syracuse.com – How did Syracuse stay warm (and chic) 100 years ago? Explore cold weather style through the decades at OHA (2023-02-17)
Syracuse.com – A Light in the Darkness: The extraordinary life of Edmonia Highgate (2023-02-15)
Central Current – Onondaga Historical Association to hold ‘Come In From The Cold’ exhibit event (2023-02-09)
Bridge Street – Origins behind Ormond Spencer Park (2023-02-08)
WAER – Syracuse, Cazenovia home to significant moments in Black history (2023-02-05)
Syracuse.com – Action by community groups and CORE forces Syracuse’s leaders to confront injustice in the 1960s (2023-02-03)
Bridge Street – How Andrew Carnegie made the Syracuse Public Library possible (2023-01-27)
Syracuse.com – Were the ‘roots’ of the Republican Party started under a Syracuse elm tree? (2023-01-26)
WAER – Onondaga Historical Association’s new executive director ready to chart path into the future (2023-01-23)
Syracuse.com – Syracuse celebrates President Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation with ‘rejoicing’ (2023-01-19)
Syracuse.com – People in Motion: 25 new hires, promotions, more at CNY businesses, organizations (2023-01-16)
Syracuse.com – Company news: Lisa Romano Moore appointed to Onondaga Historical Association leadership role (2023-01-12)
Bridge Street – History Happened Here: The Emancipation Proclamation (2023-01-11)
CNY Business Journal – OHA Begins The Year With A New Executive Director (2023-01-05)
Bridge Street – Onondaga Historical Association appoints new executive director (2023-01-03)