Lauren Calabrese

Multimedia Coordinator
315-428-1864 x314

Hailing from New York’s capital region, Lauren is a SUNY Oswego graduate with a BFA in Graphic Design. Their past positions give them a background in custom framing and printing, as well as web and social media management. They joined the OHA team in 2021, and now manage most of the organization’s graphics and media communications.

Lauren’s love of storytelling and trivia are the foundation for their interest in history. Through their position at OHA and their work with design, they aim to help capture the interest of the Syracuse community in order to bring the stories of the past into the conversations of the present. Lauren believes that finding tidbits of humor, relatability, and the unexpected are key in cultivating public interest in the history that got us all to where we are now, and hopes to help the community find more reasons to be passionate about our shared past.