Object Donation

Donating to OHA isn’t just about opening your wallet. Our collections continue to grow from continued community donations that help preserve Onondaga County’s history and pass the stories on to future generations.

Due to our limited resources, OHA has specific guidelines to make sure we can take care of our growing collection. We strive to collect items relevant to our immediate geographic surroundings; Syracuse and Onondaga County. Areas of interest for collecting are abundant, but include local and regional business and industry, individual, family and organization history, historic events, and photographs. Click here to learn more about OHA’s collection.

Have a historic item you’d like to donate to OHA? Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Offers of gifts that may usurp undue resources, such as those requiring restoration or extremely large collections, may be declined.
  • Gift offers for items for which donor does not have clear title will be declined.
  • No gifts will be accepted that are collected or imported illegally.
  • Gifts with restrictions or encumbrances, such as partial copyright, will not be accepted.

OHA also welcomes donations to our Education Collection. Many of our programs require clothing, hats, and other historic objects to help tell the story while out in the community. With your help, OHA can continue to provide quality outreach programs in schools, retirement homes, and community centers.

Note: We ask that you do not bring items you wish to donate to OHA without first consulting with the appropriate staff member. The following individuals can help you with donations to our collection.

To donate three-dimensional objects, which includes furniture, artworks, antique tools, please contact OHA’s Curator of Collections Thomas Hunter (Anchor name to the contact form)

To donate two-dimensional objects, which includes letters, newspapers, and photographs, please contact OHA’s Archivist Pamela Priest (Anchor name to the contact form)

To donate to our Educational Collection to be used in “hands on” programs, please contact our Education Associate Scott Peal (Anchor name to the contact form)