OHA in the News – 2011

2011-12-29 The Post-Standard, All dressed up for the holidays

2011-12-25 The Post-Standard, Mother Marianne Cope’s journey to sainthood: “No woman ever went out of Syracuse on a greater mission”

2011-12-23 The Central New York Business Journal, OHA’s Gift Gallery Ad, pg. 3

2011-12-22 The Post-Standard, That Skinny Building

2011-12-16 The Central New York Business Journal, OHA’s Gift Gallery Ad

2011-12-16 The Post-Standard, New Twist for the Holiday

2011-12-08 The Post-Standard, James Meyer captures the sites of Auburn in his book full of photos

2011-12-06 The Post-Standard, Holiday Gift Guide, pg. 7, “Historic Photos of Syracuse”

2011-12-06 The Post-Standard, Holiday Gift Guide, pg. 4, OHA Puzzles

2011 Downtown Committee Annual Report – Message from the Chair

2011-11-25 The Post-Standard, A calendar for celebrating the season in Central New York

2011-11-23 The Post-Standard, Music, Santa photo ops to highlight Syracuse’s Christmas tree lighting festivities

2011-11-17 Topix, Onondaga Historical Association hosts photo shows of historic Central New York, New York City

2011-11-17 The Post-Standard, Onondaga Historical Association hosts photo shows of historic Central New York, New York City

2011-11-09 Inside SU, History of SU celebrated at Onondaga Historical Association dinner

2011-11-08 The Post-Standard, Homer Wheaton – photograph from the collections of the Onondaga Historical Association

2011-11-06 YNN, Syracuse Catholic Diocese Celebrates 125 years

2011-11-06 YNN, Your Hometown, Salt City

2011-10-31 The Post-Standard, Call for Volunteers

2011-10-29 The Post-Standard, What Syracuse might learn from South Africa

2011-10-27 The Post-Standard, Did you know Solvay was once called Geddesburgh? That and other interesting facts about Solvay found in new history of the village

2011-10-12 Syracuse New Times, Super Duper

2011-10-06 The Post-Standard, The Plaque is Back, Monument at Comfort Tyler Park is updated

2011-10-05 Syracuse New Times, Image Maker

2011-10-04 North Country Public Radio, Bankrupt symphony’s assets returned to community

2011-10-03 The Post-Standard, Onondaga Community College looks to help old cemetery on its campus

2011-09-29 CNY Central, M&T Bank announces plan for Syracuse Symphony Orchestra assets

2011-09-29 NewsChannel 9 WSYR, Bank donates Syracuse Symphony assets

2011-09-29 The Post-Standard, Assets of bankrupt Syracuse symphony go to Cultural Resources Council, Onondaga Historical Association and Syracuse University

2011-09-29 The Post-Standard, M &T Bank donates assets of bankrupt Syracuse Symphony to Cultural Resources Council, Onondaga Historical Association and SU

2011-09-29 The Post-Standard, Impact of Syracuse’s Jerry Rescue revisted

2011-09-27 The Post-Standard, Onondaga Historical Association opens new display marking the 160th anniversary of the Jerry Rescue

The Jerry Rescue from Jeremy Ross on Vimeo.

2011-09-22 YNN, Upstate Medical University marks 75 years; video

2011-09-22 The Post-Standard, Syracuse Stage’s scary ‘Turn of the Screw’ questions what is real, what is imagined

2011-09-22 The Post-Standard, Books of Central New York: From manufacturing in Baldwinsville to a history of Tully Lake

2011-09-19 The Post-Standard, ‘Turn’ author tied to early Syracuse booster

2011-09-15 The Post-Standard, Public sees change at lake-themed Skaneateles history museum

2011-09-14 The Post-Standard, Company News: OHA has hired Lynne Pascale as Director of Development

2011-09-14 Daily Orange, Branching out: Take advantage of autumn season with these festive fall activities

2011-Fall Life In The Finger Lakes, Ad

2011-Fall Syracuse Visitor’s Guide, OHA Ad

2011-Fall Syracuse Visitor’s Guide, OHA Information

2011-Fall Syracuse Visitor’s Guide, OHA Restoration

2011-09, CEO Essentials, Centerstate CEO Ambassadors

2011-09, CEO Essentials, Recently Completed Main Street Projects

2011-09-01, The Post-Standard, Sentinel Heights is the little fire department that could

State Fair History in a Minute:

2011 Sep/Oct, Central New York, The Good Life Magazine, pg. 66, CNY Art, Onondaga Historical Association

2011 Sep/Oct, Central New York, The Good Life Magazine, pg. 28, Windows Into the Past 07.13.11

2011-08-15, Eagle News, Skaneateles Historical Society to receive OHA Medal

2011-08-14, The Post-Standard, What Lies at the Bottom of Onondaga Lake

2011-08-11, The Post-Standard, The Cardiff Giant is returning to Syracuse – thanks to local artist Ty Marshal

2011-08-11, Inside SU, New Connective Corridor branding package introduced at Community Folk Art Center

2011-08-10, Syracuse New Times, Giant Undertaking

2011-08-05, The Post-Standard, Renquishausen-Syracuse Family Reunion

2011-08-03, Syracuse New Times, Eats, Hungry for History

2011-07-27 A Giant Undertaking: Can the Cardiff Giant still draw a crowd? Ty Marshal thinks so.

2011 Connective Corridor website

2011-07 CLRC’s Refermation, please go to the bottom of the last page to see OHA

2011-07-21 The Post-Standard, Green is the color the College of Environmental Science and Forestry chooses to exemplify its 100 years

2011-07-21 The Post-Standard, ArtsWeek Readies for its Syracuse appearance

2011-07-21 The Eagle, Scene Around Syracuse

2011-07-20 The Post-Standard, Hullar’s at 100: Fayetteville, N.Y. landmark celebrates a century in the same family

2011-07-20 WRVO, Onondaga Historical Association’s new museum ties the building to its city

2011-07-16 The Post-Standard, Saturday’s Quiz: You call it a fallout shelter; the Quiz calls it home

2011-07-14 The Post-Standard, Consider This: Keepers of the Past

2011-07-14 The Post-Standard, Museum Puts New Spin on History

2011-07-14 YNN OHA debuts new exhibits following renovations

2011-07-13 Bridge Street, Onondaga Historical Museum

2011-07-12 The Post-Standard, Renovated OHA opens to public Thursday

2011-07-10 The Post-Standard, Onondaga Historical Association museum in downtown Syracuse gets a facelift Video

2011-07-07 The Post-Standard, OHA reopens next week Heart of New York | Our Sporting Life: the Heroes, the Highlights, the History | First Floor Windows | Gregg Tripoli in new Gift-Gallery

2011-07-07 The Post-Standard, Sunday’s Best Bet: 45th annual Gem, Mineral, Fossil and Jewelry Show

2011-07-07 The Eagle, New bistros brighten the city scene

2011-07-07 The Post-Standard, Everson seeks Upstate artists for 2012 show

2011-07-01 The Post-Standard, Everson Museum of Art gives artists more time to apply to The Other New York: 2012

2011-July Jamesville Community Museum News, The art of Fred Gardner

2011-06 The Connective Corridor, News: Museum Grand Reopening Expected to Spark Growth

2011-06-23 The Post-Standard, Steps and hedges survive long after St. John the Evangelist Academy’s demise

2011-06-21 YNN, Ghost Walk tour Syracuse’s Oakwood Cemetery; video with Scott Peal

2011-06-17 ESF, Timelines Trace ESF’s First Century

2011-06-15 Examiner.com, Restless spirits of Oakwood Cemetery beckon all to OHA’s Ghostwalk

2011-06-12 The Post-Standard, Strathmore Historic Homes Tour

2011-06-07 The Post-Standard, Living aftermath: In Syracuse, revisiting the Civil War

2011-06-06 The Post-Standard, Call for Volunteers: OHA Museum

2011-06-05 The Post-Standard, Tour of Solvay Mansion, Gardens Set for Saturday

2011-06-05 The Post-Standard, Onondaga Creekwalk Tour

2011-06-05 The Post-Standard, Civil War in Central New York

2011-06-02 The Post-Standard, A Native American Celebration

2011-05-29 The Post-Standard, On the 150th anniversary of the Medal of Honor, more about some Central New Yorkers who earned their country’s highest tribute

2011-05-28 The Post-Standard, How to tell if you’re living in a Sears Home

2011-05-26 The Post-Standard, Civil War’s start to be noted June 8 to 10

2011-05-26 YNN, Tornadoes not all that uncommon for CNY Video on Internet

2011-05-26 The Eagle, One by one

2011-05-25–06-01 Syracuse New Times, Read All About Nicole Samolis

2011-05-25 The Post-Standard (Internet version), When bottle caps were precious: Golden days at Suburban Park

2011-05-25 The Post-Standard, Call for volunteers

2011-05-24 The Post-Standard, Syracuse History

2011-05-19 The Post-Standard, Using storefronts to display artifacts

2011-05-04 The Post-Standard, What To Do About I-81

2011-04-21 The Eagle, Gage holds Civil War 122nd flag commemoration

2011-04-19 The Post-Standard, Dick Case, Oops

2011-04-17 The Post-Standard, Stars, Civil War Events in CNY

2011-04-15 The Central New York Business Journal, Correction / Clarification

2011-04-14 NCC News, Relive the Civil War through social media

2011-04-14 The Post-Standard, SSO one in a string of orchestras to grace stages in Syracuse in the last 120 years

2011-04-12 The Post-Standard, Onondaga Historical Association brings local Civil War soldiers to life through daily tweets

2011-04-08 The Central New York Business Journal, OHA builds community awareness through renovation project

2011-Spring Maxwell Perspective, Safe Haven

2011-03-25 The Post-Standard, Census Surprise: Stability

2011-03-24 The Post-Standard, Watershed Moment in “The Miracle Worker”

2011-03-24 The Post-Standard, The War Effort in Syracuse

2011-03-22 The Post-Standard, Keller Had Rapt Audience in Syracuse

2011-03-21 The Post-Standard, Company News: Douglas Amann with Association of Licensed Detectives

2011-03-19 The Post-Standard, Oswego County and Central New York’s impact on War of 1812 focus of April 2 symposium

2011-03 Syracuse Stage to present ‘The Miracle Worker’ March 23-April 23

2011-03 The Stand, Reliving History

2011-03-01 The Post-Standard, Civic Center Paintings Find a Home

2011-02-28 Finger Lakes Art, What museums can be found in the Finger Lakes?

2011-02-28 NCC News, Syracuse’s Link to Underground Railroad

2011-02-26 YNN, Your Hometown: Uncovering and preserving secrets of the Underground Railroad in Central New York

2011-02-25 Watertown Daily Times, Historic photos on show in conjunction with ‘Radio Golf’

2011-02-24 The Eagle, Uncover history at home

2011-02-24 Post Standard, Tuning Into Radio Golf

2011-02-24 Post Standard, Black Syracusans Fought in Civil War

2011-02-18 Post Standard, First Black Umpire Called Games Here

2011-02-13 Post-Standard, His Life’s a Snapshot of Black History

2011-02 The Stand, South Side News, History Preserved

2011-02-11 Post-Standard, Proud History

2011-02-10 The Eagle, Syracuse’s Black history, digitized

2011-02-10 Post Standard Neighbors, City, Black History Month Show

2011-02-03 Post Standard, Black History Month events in Central New York

2011-02-02 Syracuse University, ‘Our Entrepreneurial History’ at Feb. 3 Institute for Retired Professionals

2011-02-01 Post Standard, Historical Association’s exhibit helps document Syracuse’s rich black
history (online version)

2011-02-01 Syracuse University, SU in the News

2011-01-31 My South Side Stand, An exhibit captures lives and events dear to the African-American community in Syracuse

2011-01-20 The Eagle, History Day at Peoples’ AME Zion

2011-01-20 Post Standard, Rent Control

2011-01-20 Inside Syracuse University ‘Black Syracuse & Beyond: the Richard Breland Photograph Collection’ on exhibit at Syracuse University

2011-01-18 Syracuse Stage, Rent

2011-01-13 Post Standard, Beyond Huck Finn: To find real context, remember Frederick Douglass

2011-01-09 Post Standard, William Walsh: Landmark decade, landmark times, landmark mayor

2011-01-06 Post Standard, We’ll Miss These Three

2011-01-06 Post Standard, Louisa May Alcott exhibit

2011-01-04 Post Standard, Music of Bells Good News Every Hour

2011-01-01 Post Standard, Ad Hoc Strategy To Mark War of 1812