OHA in the News – 2010

OHA in the News – 2010

2010-Winter Banksia Columns, Just Down the Road. . . in North Augusta!

2010-12-27 Cambridge Who’s Who,

2010-12-23 Post Standard, Did you ever solve Rubik’s Cube?

2010-12-23 Syracuse Eagle, How Far Does $25 Really Go? (website)

2010-12-23 Syracuse Eagle, How Far Does $25 Really Go? (newspaper)

2010-12-15 Post Standard, Season of Gifts: Monorail memories, a musical meal and free Coke

2010-12-13 Post Standard, A shared downtown Christmas, a shared journey in life

2010-12-12 Post Standard, Brothers of Invention (from newspaper)

2010-12-12 Post Standard, Central New York history shows what it takes to be an entrepreneur (online version)

2010-12-09 Post Standard, When Syracuse Made Music History, Innovative Composer and Conductor Gustav Mahler’s 1910 Visit with New York Philharmonic to be Commerated Today in Clinton Square (from newspaper)

2010-12-09 Post Standard, Book ‘Why Mahler’ celebrates a composer with many followers

2010-12-09 Post Standard, Dedication of park bench to commemorate the performance of Gustav Mahler and the New York Philharmonic in Syracuse 100 years ago (web version)

2010-12-07 Society for New Music, The Day Mahler Came to Syracuse

2010-12-07 Onondaga Community College website, Transformation of the Historic Poor Farm Property Continues

2010-12-02 Post Standard, Meet the man behind celebrations to mark the 100-year anniversary of the Gustav Mahler concert in Syracuse

2010-11-26 Post Standard, 1970’s toys get new life in OHA toy exhibit

2010-11-20 Post Standard, Curator to talk about Piercefield mansions

2010-11-16 Inside SU, TMR presents ‘Our Entrepreneurial History’

2010-Nov, News from Bill Magnarelli newsletter

2010-11-11 Post Standard, Evening at the Museum, When the Circus Came To Town

2010-11-10–>17 Syracuse New Times, When the Circus Came To Town

2010-11-09 Inside SU, Encore showing of ‘Syracuse’s 15th Ward and Beyond’ planned for Nov. 30

2010-11-08 SU Press,

2010-11-07 Post Standard, America in the Sixties Book Launch

2010-11-04 Light Work and Urban Video Project

2010-11-04 Syracuse New Times, 20th Century Journey

2010-10-29 Post Standard, America in the 60’s

2010-10-28 Post Standard Online, DeWitt Community church celebrates its 200th year with concerts, book and outreach

2010-10-27 Inside SU, ‘America in the Sixties’ book launch and talk Nov. 9

2010-Oct Cazenovia Professor Promotes ’60s Book

2010-Nov-Dec Downtown Events Calendar

2010-10-24 Post Standard, Drama on the Wall

2010-10-21 Post Standard, Arts Partnerships Seen As Way to Go

2010-10-14 Post Standard, OHA seeks ’70s toys

2010-10-14 Post Standard, Evening at the Museum

2010-10-14 Daily Orange, City | Lost art: County budget leaves future of art program funding in jeopardy

2010-10-13–>20 Syracuse New Times, 1970’s Toys Appeal for Exhibit

2010-10-12 CNYCentral.com, Should CRT rescue the arts from budget cuts? video

2010-10-10 Post Standard, Arts groups face severe budget cuts

2010-10-06 CNYCentral.com,

2010-10-04 Post Standard, Carl Paladino’s tale of helping defuse 1970 Syracuse Univesity student strike doesn’t ring true with some

2010-09-30 Post Standard, Syracuse to try to get $363,000 demolition cost from Marsellus Casket Co. factory owners

2010-09-28 Post Standard, Fundraiser for OHA set in Baldwinsville

2010-09-27: B’ville: A craftsman of architecture

2010-09-27 Post Standard, Grand Old Schools Deserve Attention

2010-09-24 Post Standard, Panel to discuss school restorations

2010-09-23 Post Standard, Everson to be site of outdoor video shows

2010-09-23 Post Standard, Talk to focus on Civil War photos

2010-09-23, Post Standard, Weekend, “Unsolved Mysteries of the Salt City” Frankling Square Ghostwalk

2010-09-23, Post Standard, Neighbors, City, Civil War Lunchtime Lessons

2010-09-22, My Central New York blog, The Future of Blodgett and Central Schools: A Panel Discussion at the OHA Museum

2010-09-17–>23, Scotsman Pennysaver, “Unsolved Mysteries of the Salt City” Frankling Square Ghostwalk ad

2010-09-22–>29, Syracuse New Times, Franklin Square Ghostwalk

2010-09-19 Post Standard, Major party candidates for governor: In New York, traditionally, it’s all Downstate

2010-09-16 Post Standard, City Ghosts

2010-09-12 Post Standard, The Parkway: Heartbreak on a road never built for the way it’s used today

2010-09-08–>15, Syracuse New Times, Rewriting History

2010-09-03 The Central New York Business Journal, A Look Back. . . What Once Stood at 333 W. Washington St.

2010-09-02, “Video Project Adds New Site Location,” Rome Observer

2010-July/Aug The Oneida Onyota A Ka, Oneidas Affected by 1816 Volcanic Eruption

2010-08-26–>09-01, The Star, North Augusta, Georgia, Hampton Terrace China Comes Home

2010-Summer, “19th Annual Gala a Roaring Success,” St. Joseph’s Caring Connection, pg. 26

2010-08-05 Post Standard, ‘Franklin Square Stroll’

2010-08-04, Syracuse New Times, Urban Oasis

2010-08-01 Post Standard, ‘He Was Worth His Salt’

Downtown Syracuse ArtsWeek 2010

2010-07-15, Post Standard, Enter Syracuse photo competition by ferreting out the letters to the city

Link to Seek Syracuse, Public Art Project for the rules and riddles in the above article!

2010-07-15, Post Standard, What was school like back in the day? Onondaga Historical Association’s new exhibit shows us

2010-07-07, Syracuse New Times, History Repeats Itself

2010-07-01, Post Standard, Markers Help Bury Years of Disrespect

2010-06-24, Post Standard, Neighbors City, Strathmore Ghost Walk

2010-06-17, Oil Painting Blog, Meet the Beetle

2010-06-17, syracuse.com, Saturday Fun in Syracuse

2010-06-16, New Times, Meet the Beetle

2010-06-15, Post Standard, That 15th Ward Film

2010-06-13, Post Standard, Looking Back at this Week, June 13-19, 2009 (one year ago): Plates in place

2010-06-13, Post Standard, Strathmore Homes Tour

2010-06-11, Inside SU, Another showing of ‘Syracuse’s 15th Ward and Beyond’ planned

2010-06-11, CNYLink Local News, Syracuse Sheet Metal Man is Statue of Liberty’s tinsmith

2010-06-10, Post Standard, Farmers Market Has Its Root in Square

2010-06-10, YNN, Onondaga Historical Association Holds Medal Breakfast

2010-06-04, Post Standard, House and Garden Tour

2010-06-03, Onondaga County Courier, Historic Solvay Mansions Presentation Planned at Solvay Library

2010-06-03, Post Standard, Ghost Ceramicist, Strathmore Ghostwalk

2010-05-31, Spotlight, Memorial Day with Tom Hunter

2010-05-31, Post Standard, Call for Volunteers, Mansions and Garden Tour

2010-05-30, Post Standard, Save the Mansion, Historic Homes in Sedgwick Open to Public

2010-05-26, New Times, String of Pearls, Melville A. Clark, Pulling Strings

2010-05-26, Post Standard, Preserving the Past, New documentary forges a link with Syracuse’s black history

2010-05-23, Post Standard, Melting Pot to Red Carpet

2010-05-20, Post Standard, Upcoming Book Signings – Linda Pembroke Kaiser’s “Pulling Strings”

2010-05-20, Post Standard, Neighbors, City of Syracuse, events calendar

2010-05-18, Post Standard, 15th Ward Film Is ‘About the People’

New York Museums Salute Memorial Day: A Weekend of Appreciation

2010-05-14, Post Standard, Albany logic: It’s not CNY, it’s the Finger Lakes!

2010-05-13 Eleanor L. Johnson Honored by Cambridge Who’s Who for Excellence in Secondary Education

2010-05-13, Post Standard, New OHA exhibit focuses on image of Civil War

2010-05-08, The Citizen, Civil War Exhibit

2010-05-07, Post Standard, Syracuse Candlemaker Announces 38 Job Cuts

2010-05-06, Post Standard, B’Ville Photos Worth a Thousand Words

2010-05-05, YNN, Your Hometown: West Onondaga Street

2010-04-30, Syracuse’s 15th Ward and Beyond to premiere May 22 at Storch Theatre

2010-04-30, ‘Syracuse’s 15th Ward and Beyond’ documentary to premiere May 22 at Storch Theatre

2010-04-29, Syracuse City Eagle, pg. 3, “Say No: Handling Panhanders”

2010-04-06, Post Standard, YWCA to Honor 29 Who Promote Diversity

2010-04-01, Post Standard, History of the Toy Box

2010-04-01, Post Standard, Neighbors’ East, East students compete in OHA-sponsored History Day

2010-04-01, Syracuse City Eagle, Cruisin’ the ‘Cuse, Gregg Tripoli and Syracuse China

2010 Spring, Syracuse Visitors’ Guide, Evening at the Museum

2010-03-30, Post Standard, Bitz Plants Farming History in Books

2010-03-28, Scottsman Pennysaver, Alcott ‘Cuse Connection

2010-03-27, Post Standard, Temptation Island, Syracuse Author Compiles Book on Summer Retreats of the Thousand Islands Region

2010-03-27, Post Standard, One Thousand Islands, One Book, Two Free

2010-03-25, Post Standard, Author Talk, booksigning “The Summer Cottage: Retreats of the 1,000 Islands”

2010-03-24, Syracuse New Times, The China Syndrome

2010-03-22, Post Standard, Onondaga Historical Association Unveils Syracuse China Exhibit for Two Fundraisers

2010-03-21, Scottsman Pennysaver, OHA Cell Phone Tours

2010-03-20 Syracuse China on Display – link to video

2010-03-20 Syracuse China on Display – link to text

2010-03-18, Post Standard, Dick Case, “Center of Excellence Sits Where Dreams Lived”

2010-03-14, Post Standard, “Faces on Display”

2010-03-13, Post Standard, “Saturday’s Quiz”

2010-03-11 A Toast to Crumbling Building’s Better Days

2010-03-09 First Female Signatures in 162 Years

2010-03-07 First Female Signatures in 162 Years

2010-02-18, First Female Signatures in 162 Years

2010-02-18, Post Standard, Weekend, OHA Museum Now Has Cell Phone Tours

2010-02-09, Post Standard, Dick Case

2010-02-04, UVA Newsletter, No. 1

2010-02-04, Post Standard, Sean Kirst Pens Book about the NBA’s First African-American Player ‘Incredible Journey’

2010-02-04, Post Standard, “He Said, She Said”

2010-01-07 City Eagle, ‘Actually, it was Caroma’

2010-01-05, Post Standard, ‘Watershed Event, Everson revs cultural engine with ‘Turner to Cezanne’ show’

2010-01-01, Post Standard, ‘After 50 Men, A Woman is Mayor’

2010-January Chamber News, ‘Closing Reception for Onondaga Historical Association Exhibit’