OHA in the News – 2012

2012-01-06 The Post-Standard, 1863 (150 years ago)

2012 December, Literacy Volunteers of Greater Syracuse, Literacy Volunteers to Partner with Onondaga County Historical Association

2012-12-31 The Post-Standard, 2012 – a Year of Memorable Quotes

2012-12-28 The Post-Standard, Jack W. Cottrell

2012-12-24 The Post-Standard, Recalling the monorail: Time for a new home for Santa Claus, in downtown Syracuse?

2012-12-19 The Post-Standard, Onondaga Nation thanks Cayuga Museum with replica wampum belt

2012-12-09 The Post-Standard, It takes time, patience and a little love to grow more than 50,000 poinsettia plants in Central New York

2012-12-06 The Post-Standard, Sainte Marie to showcase Haudenosaunee story

2012-12-05 The Post-Standard, Holiday Gift Guide – Ornaments

2012-12-05 The Post-Standard, Holiday Gift Guide – T-Shirts

2012-12-04 The Post-Standard, Look to Site’s History to Name Building

2012-11-30 Scotsman, Syracuse South-West Edition, SU professor to direct Great Law of Peace Education Center

2012-11-28 Syracuse New Times, Tackling the Vacant House Syndrome

2012-11-28 Star Review, Great Law of Peace Center to transform Ste. Marie

2012-11-27 The Post-Standard, Great Law

2012-11-26 The Post-Standard, New format will share native stories of peace

2012-11-26 The Post-Standard, Thoughts on I-81

2012-11-25 The Post-Standard, At Last, Syracuse Treats Creek Like An Asset

2012-11-23 The Post-Standard, Running toward heritage: High hopes for a center celebrating the Great Law

2012-11-23 Beaumont Enterprises, Beaumont TX, History group to turn NY site into Iroquois museum

2012-11-22 The Post-Standard, SU professor to head Iroquois peace center

2012-11-22 The Post-Standard, Bring food items, enjoy music at tree lighting

2012-11-21 Syracuse University, The College of Arts and Sciences News, SU professor to direct Great Law of Peace Educational Center

2012-11-20 The Post-Standard, Sainte Marie to be renamed

2012-11-19 One Page News, Palo Alto, CA, Onondaga Historical Association, Onondaga Nation plan new museum in Liverpool

2012-11-14 Syracuse New Times, Wall Haul

2012-11-12 The Post-Standard, Apartments and commercial space planned for former brewery site on Syracuse’s North Side

2012-11-08 The Post-Standard, Hotel construction delays creekwalk signs

2012-11-08 The Post-Standard, Fort Drum Movie

2012-11-04 The Post-Standard, The day a dike broke in 1943 flooding Lakeland with Solvay Process waste

2012-11-01 The Post-Standard, Construction delays Creekwalk signs

2012-11-01 The Post-Standard, Syracuse Cultural Workers has made a business for 30 years selling provocative posters, cards, shirts

2012-10-31 The Post-Standard, Syracuse signs for Onondaga Creekwalk are put on hold, for now

2012-10-30 The Post-Standard, Onondaga Arsenal, potentially the last best local remnant of War of 1812, remains greatly overlooked

2012-10-27 The War of 1812, Stick to Your Guns! The Third US Artillery and the Battle of Oswego 1814

2012-10-26 The Central New York Business Journal, Canned Innovation

2012-10-26 Newhouse Communications Center, Onondaga Historical Association Commemorates 25th Anniversary of Lakefront Restorations

2012-10-24 Syracuse Likes Bikes!, Syracuse’s Bicycle Legacy

2012-10-23 Bicycle News Gator, Connective Corridor » Iconic Syracuse — the hub of the bicycle world

2012-10-23 Connective Corridor, Iconic Syracuse – The Hub of the Bicycle World

2012-10-19 The Post-Standard, Gateway into city a little brighter

2012-10-18 The Post-Standard, Civil War Noted

2012-10-11 The Post-Standard, Syracuse Stage’s ‘Moby Dick’: A whale of a tale stripped of its blubber

2012-10-11 Life in Liverpool, Our OHA Ghost Walk Adventure…

2012-10-10 Syracuse New Times, Parisa

2012-10-10 The Daily Orange, Painting the town: Project creates billboards with historic photos, student art

2012-10-10 The Post-Standard, Civil War Remembered, OHA ceremony commemorates 150th anniversary

2012-10-09 Your News Now, Onondaga Historical Association re-releases Civil War flag guide

2012-10-09 The Post-Standard, Onondaga Historical Association launches new books, commemorates Civil War at Clinton Square

2012-10 The Battlefront, Onondaga Historical Association’s New Release

2012-10-07 The Post-Standard, Perhaps the skinniest building in Syracuse is on the market

2012-10-07 The Post-Standard, Sale, event to mark Civil War’s 150th

2012-10-05 Connective Corridor, October’s Iconic Image: The Gridley Building

2012-10-05 The Post-Standard, Historian to speak Sunday at Onondaga Historical Association

2012-10-04 The Post-Standard, Hall honors bravery in troubled times

2012-10-03 Star-Review, Livin in Liverpool – Voices from beyond

2012-10-02 The Citizen, Auburn, NY, YMCA to hose talk on meditation Oct. 18

2012-10-02 The Post-Standard, Libba Cotten: In Syracuse, her image now lifts a community

2012-09-30 The Post-Standard, Quote of the Week

2012-09-29 The Post-Standard, Saturday’s Quiz

2012-09-28 The Post-Standard, Big crowds waited up to 3 hours to see Lincoln document in Syracuse

2012-09-27 YouTube, Preliminary Emancipation Proclamation Document in Syracuse

2012-09-27 The Post-Standard, Emancipation: Triumph, sorrow and the bridge of memory

2012-09-27 The Post-Standard, Before water filled the Woodland Reservoir, Syracusans picnicked on the wooded site known as Lily’s Grove

2012-09-27 CNYCentral.com, Handwritten preliminary version of Emancipation Proclamation on display in Syracuse

2012-09-27 Syracuse Arts calendar, Traveling Exhibit: Abraham Lincoln’s Preliminary Emancipation Proclamation

2012-09-27 Central New York Council for the Social Studies, Traveling Exhibit – Lincoln’s Preliminary Emancipation Proclamation

2012-09-27 OnCenter, The First Step to Freedom: Abraham Lincoln’s Preliminary Emancipation Proclamation

2012-09-26 Star Review, Haunted history

2012-09-26 The Post-Standard, Historical document on display in Syracuse may contain Lincoln’s fingerprints

2012-09-26 YNN, Your News Now, Lincoln exhibit to be on display at the OnCenter

2012-09-26 News Channel 9, Emancipation Proclamation on display in Syracuse for one day only

2012-09-26 The Post-Standard, Historic Lincoln document that changed America coming to Syracuse


2012-09-24 CLRC, Preliminary Emancipation Proclamation Travels to Syracuse

2012-09-23 The Post-Standard, Congel and company aid many community efforts

2012-09-20 Great Hudson Heritage Network, Greater Hudson Heritage Network Awarded Connecting to Collections Statewide Implementation Grant from IMLS

2012-09-20 The Post-Standard, Emancipation Proclamation on display

2012-09-20 The Citizen, Exhibits

2012-09-20 The Post-Standard, OHA holds reception for TONY: 2012

Exhibition to Travel Statewide to Mark 150th Anniversary

2012-09-18 Syracuse University News, Onondaga Historical Association will be next topic of IRP

2012-09-17 The Washington Post, Lincoln’s handwritten Preliminary Emancipation Proclamation to visit 8 NY cities this fall

2012-09-14 Birchfield Penney Art Center, Buffalo, State Education Department Announces Exhibit Featuring Lincoln’s Preliminary Emancipation Proclamation

2012-09-15 The Post-Standard, Emancipation Proclamation on display

2012-09-14 The Post-Standard, First version of Emancipation Proclamation, Martin Luther King speech on view in Syracuse Sept. 27

2012-09-13 The Post-Standard, Connective Corridor billboard connects the old with the new

2012-09-09 The Post-Standard, Jim Castle restores a pool table that was built at his great-grandfather’s Syracuse factory

2012 Sep/Oct Central New York, The Good Life, TONY 2012

2012-08-31 Connective Corridor, Billboard Project “Iconic Syracuse”

2012-08-30 Syracuse University, Billboard Project mixes student art, historical photos

2012-08-30 The Post-Standard, Billboards to salute ‘Iconic Syracuse’ Scenes

2012-08-30 The Post-Standard, Dinout Out: Parisa Restaurant is Downtown Crowd Pleaser

2012-08-29 Syracuse New TImes, New York State of Mind

2012-08-27 The Post-Standard Mystery solved: Martineau Park in Eastwood is named for Carol
Baldwin’s father, D. Roy Martineau, a former city parks commissioner

2012-08-25 The Post-Standard, The arts as an economic engine for Central New York

2012-08-23 Artists’ showcase, ‘The Other New York: 2012,’ expands throughout Syracuse community

2012-08-23 Model of historic Syracuse train station debuts at the Fair

2012-08-15 Syracuse New Times, Salt Takes

2012-08-14 The Post-Standard, Paddle boat ‘The Onondaga’ found at bottom of Seneca Lake

2012-08-14 The Post-Standard, 1850s Syracuse cottage vacant for decades may be renovated

2012-08-05 The Post-Standard, In Syracuse, helping clean up a tiny park helps energize a city street

2012-07-26 The Post-Standard, Lakefront exhibit to debut today

2012-07-25 Syracuse New Times, Artsweek Schedule

2012-07-17 Erie Canal Museum: 50 years of remembering the canal that put Syracuse on the map

2012-07-14 YNN, Residents once again wait for news on Pond St. site video

2012-07-08 The Post-Standard, In the 1920’s, a former New York governor warned about creating “a savage septic wound” to the face of Syracuse

2012-07-04 New York State Capitol, Hall of Governors, Fourth of July Exhibition; OHA’s General Association Document

2012-06-17 Buffalo News, Hops spring eternal on Beer Trail Tour

2012-06-15 Your News Now, OHA displaying, selling (and still unpacking) Syracuse China Video

2012-06-15 Indian Country, Return of Sacred Items Heals Onondaga Nation

2012-06-14 The Post-Standard, Historical Association awards OHA Medals

2012-06-14 The Post-Standard, Visiting Ghosts in Oakwood Cemetery

2012-06-14 The Post-Standard, OHA to recognize 3 for work in local history

2012-06-14 The Post-Standard, OHA hosts history ghostwalk

2012-06-14 The Post-Standard, Home At Last

2012, Newsday, Rarities Go Back to Tribe

2012-06-13 Onondaga Nation, Working as Allies to Indigenous Peoples

2012-06-13 Ithaca.com, Central New York History on the Everson Museum Walls

2012-06-13 The Post-Standard, A modern exchange of wampum: In a museum, healing wounds

2012-06-13 The Post-Standard, Historical Association returns relics

2012-06-13 The Post-Standard, Historical Association returns Wampum Belt

2012-06-12 Eagle News Online, OHA returns sacred wampum belt to Onondaga Nation

2012-06-12 Onondaga Nation, Repatriation is the right thing to do

2012-06-12 Your News Now, OHA returns wampum belt to Onondagas

2012-06-12 News Channel 9 WSYR, Piece of history returns to Onondaga Nation

2012-06-12 WRVO, Repatriation: Wampum beads return to the Onondaga Nation

2012-06-12 CNYCentral, Historic exchange returns wampum belt to Onondaga Nation

2012-06-12 The Post-Standard, What ever became of the large crucifix that stood in the former St. Joseph’s Cemetery?

2012-06-10 The Post-Standard / Stars, Spirit of the Community’s Past

2012-06-08 Syracuse North-East Scotsman Pennysaver, Oakwood Cemetery Ghostwalk ad

2012-06-08 Syracuse North-East Scotsman Pennysaver, OHA’s History Ghostwalk of Summer 2012

2012-06-07 News Channel 9 WSYR, What’s the future of the train station platform off 690?

2012-06-07 The Post-Standard, OHA hosts history Ghostwalk

2012-06-07 The Post-Standard, Downtown walking tour has artistic perspective

2012-06-06 Syracuse New Times, “Take No Prisoners” Political Cartoons ad

2012-06-06 My Fox NY, Sacred artifacts being returned to NY tribe

2012-06-06 Connecticut Post Sacred artifacts being returned to NY tribe

2012-06-06 The Wall Street Journal, Sacred artifacts being returned to NY tribe

2012-06-06 The Citizen, Auburn, NY, Sacred artifacts being returned to Onondagas

2012-06-06 New Jersey Herald, Sacred artifacts being returned to NY tribe

2012-06-06 North Jersey, Sacred artifacts being returned to NY Iroquois tribe

2012-06-06 Press & Sun-Bulletin, Binghamton, NY, Sacred artifacts being returned to Onondaga nation

2012-06-06 WCAX.com, Vermont, Sacred artifacts being returned to NY tribe

2012-06-06 Times Herald-Record, Hudson Valley, NY, Sacred artifacts being returned to NY tribe

2012-06-06 The Republic, Columbus, Indiana, Sacred Artifacts being returned to NY’s Onondaga Indians by Syracuse-area historical group

2012-06-06 The Post-Standard, More than objects: Sacred artifacts return to the Onondagas

2012-06-05 The Post-Standard, Forman Park gets new features

2012-06-01 Connective Corridor, Events: Opening Reception for a Collaborative Exhibit at the Everson Museum, Friday, June 1

2012-05-31 The Eagle, Everson, OHA, collaborate on fascinating local art exhibit

2012-05-29 The Post-Standard, Monument to Civil War surgeon raises question why he was buried near Navarino

2012-05-24 The Post-Standard, Art Exhibit

2012-05-17 The Post-Standard, Friday’s Best Bet: The Ebony Hillbillies in concert

2012-05-17 The Post-Standard, Successful and Strange

2012-05-16 The Post-Standard, Downtown Living Tour Stop 7: Onondaga Historical Association Museum, 321 Montgomery Street

2012-05-15 Three Pioneering Women Doctors Recognized in Public Exhibitions

2012-05-14 The Post-Standard, Take No Prisoners: Onondaga Historical Association exhibit displays local political cartoons

2012-05-13 The Post-Standard, A Sense of Place: Syracuse sets the stage for an intricate urban ballet

2012-05-12 Your News Now, Downtown Living Tour set for next weekend

2012-05-12 The Post-Standard, Presrvation Corp. is honored for project help

2012-05-12 The Post-Standard, Little-known war is topic of OHA lecture

2012 May, The Downtown Committee of Syracuse: Associated Artists of Central New York 85th Anniversary (1926-2012)

2012 May, The Connective Corridor, News: “Timeless Imagery” Showcases CNY Art, History at OHA

2012-05-08 The Post-Standard, City’s greenhouse crew turns Syracuse into Flower City each spring and summer

2012-05-06 The Post-Standard, Future uncertain for ruins of stone arsenal built in Syracuse for War of 1812

2012-05-06 The Post-Standard, Program focuses on 1837-38 ‘Patriots War’

2012-05-05 The Post-Standard, Downtown Living Tour includes three new projects

2012-05-04 The Post-Standard, Central New Yorkers have one last chance to voice their opinion on Interstate 81’s future

2012-05-02 Syracuse University, Library acquires recordings from Onondaga Historical Association

2012-May-June CNY Connected, A Glimpse of the Past at the Everson Museum of Art

2012-04-29 The Post-Standard, Historic organs play for crow in Syracuse

2012-04-26 CEO Centerstate Corporation for Economic Opportunity, Illustrated Lecture at Onondaga Historical Association by Canadian Historian Dr. John Carter

2012-04-26 The Post-Standard, Organ Crawl to visit four historic churches in downtown Syracuse and feature performances on churches’ organs

2012-04-24 The Post-Standard, A piece of Yates Castle someday may be incorporated in an Upstate Medical University construction project

2012 Spring OCC Continuum, OCC Exhibit

2012-04-17 The Post-Standard, In honoring Burdick and other legends, we remember who we are

2012-04-11 Syracuse New Times, Creative Core

2012-04-06 YNN – Your News Now, Syracuse China building demolished video

2012-04-04 News Channel 9 WSYR, Council to vote on historical signage along the Onondaga Creekwalk

2012-04-01 The Post-Standard, Charity Notebook: OHA plans benefit reception

2012-03-31 The Post-Standard, Real Life Lesson, SU students help city with Creekwalk project

2012-03-29 The Post-Standard, Betty Munro

2012-03-27 CEO News – OHA Announces a Benefit Reception for The Other New York: 2012 (TONY: 2012)

2012-03-23 The Post-Standard, The Onondaga Creekwalk: Blossoming with the Spring

2012-03-22 The Post Standard, “Patently Syracuse” exhibition

2012-03-22 The Post-Standard, “Patently Syracuse”

2012-03-20 The Post-Standard, Syracuse group hopes to restore East Genesee Street home that’s been vacant for 20 years, Ironclad Model

2012-03-15 The Post-Standard, Consider this: Ruth Colvin, off the beaten path

2012-03-13 The Post-Standard, Civil War Ironclad Moored to Syracuse

2012-03-12 Connective Corridor, Patently Syracuse Explores the History of Invention

2012-03-12 The Post-Standard, Girl Scouts to celebrate 100th anniversary

2012-03-12 The Post-Standard, Ruth Colvin Talks About Her New Book

2012-03-11 The Post-Standard, Book Launch and Signing

2012-03-07 Syracuse New Times, Reading Rainbow

2012-03-01 The Post-Standard, Catching Up On Connective Corridor

2012 March, Syracuse Woman Magazine, Year of the Girl – Girl Scouts Celebrates 100th Anniversary

2012 March/April The Good Life Central New York Magazine, Journey of a lifetime

2012 Community Guide to Greater Syracuse

2012-02-29 Syracuse University, Onondaga Citizens League offers seminars, walking tours to explain bascs of urban design

2012-02-29 The Post-Standard, “I Wish We Had a Hundred Thousand Colored Troops We Would Put an End to this War’

2012-02-28 The Post-Standard, Research to shed light on African American’s contribution at Battle of Sackets Harbor during the War of 1812

2012-02-28 NewsOne, African-American Farmer Was Vital To American Revolution

2012-02-27 The Post-Standard, A Jesuit who ministered at Ste. Marie mission knew Kateri

2012-02-24 The Post-Standard, Save AME Zion

2012-02-23 The Post-Standard, One of Syracuse’s oldest churches closes on Easter

2012-02-23 The Eagle, Exhibit exudes nostalgia

2012-02-23 The Post-Standard, Memory Dredges Up a Whale of a Tale

2012-02-23 The Post-Standard, The Daily Dose, Play About Abolitionists at OHA

2012-02-23 The Post-Standard, Riots Targeting African Americans Among Darkest Days of Civil War

2012-02-21 The Post-Standard, Progress 2012 Business Directory, OHA

2012-02-20 The Post-Standard, Blacks served on Navy Vessel USS Onondaga

2012-02-19 The Post-Standard, Tree a mainstay at building site

2012-02-18 The Post-Standard, Dissuaded from gathering at City Hall, group celebrates emancipation at Church

2012-02-17 The Post-Standard, Full Disclosure

2012-02-16 The Post-Standard, Harriet Powell escaped slavery while visiting Syracuse

2012-02-15 Syracuse New Times, U Down with OCC?

2012-02-14 The Post-Standard, Frederick Douglass helped to organize the famous 1850 Anti-Fugitive Slave Law Convention in Cazenovia

2012-02-13 The Post-Standard, Jermain Wesley Loguen was Syracuse ‘stationmaster’ on the Underground Railroad

2012-02-12 The Post-Standard, Ruth Colvin

2012-02-09 The Post-Standard, ‘Corridor’ great aid in public art project

2012-02-03 The Post-Standard, Honeywell to avoid boat wrecks on bottom of Onondaga Lake while dredging
PHOTOS of Onondaga Lake Resorts in video courtesy of Onondaga Historical Association.

2012-02-02 The Post-Standard, Days are numbered for Otisca Building that once housed brewery on Syracuse’s North Side

2012-02-02 The Post-Standard, OHA photos bring era to life

2012-02-01 The Post-Standard, We recall the Civil War era as Black History Month begins

2012-01-31 The Post-Standard, Syracuse struggles with 1,900 vacant buildings including some with long histories

2012 January, OCC Students, 50th Anniversary Exhibit at OHA

2012-01-26 The Post-Standard, SyraViews: A Look at the Past

2012-01-25 Syracuse New Times, January Thaw

2012-01-24 The Post-Standard, Legend of the buried steam shovel at Maxwell is unearthed

2012-01-22 The Post-Standard, Stars, events

2012-01-22 The Post-Standard, Syracuse downtown shaver shop hangs on by a hair

2012-01-21 Peter Larson & Blue Design, Speaking at the Onondaga Historical Association

2012-01-15 The Post-Standard, Central New York key in the War of 1812 fight; communities ready to mark 200th anniversary

2012-01 Assante Design, OHA Girl Scouts Traveling Installation

2012-01 Ashley McGraw website, Larson and McGraw to speak at Onondaga Historical Association

2012 Winter, Everson Museum of Art Bulletin, People, Place and Progress: Local Landscapes in Paint and Print

2012-01-12 The Post-Standard, OHA schedules lectures on architecture

2012-01-12 The Post-Standard, OHA hosts lecture series on New York landmarks

2012-01-07 The Post-Standard, Saturday’s Quiz: The State of the Quiz is a matter of fierce debate

2012-01-4 FindLaw, Great Britain, General Association Document to be on display at Hall of Governors

2012-01-04 Fox 44 News, Burlington, VT, Key NY document from 1775 on display at Capitol

2012-01-04 News 10, Albany, NY, Key NY document from 1775 on display at Capitol

2012-01-04 News Times, Danbury, CT, Key NY document from 1775 on display at Capitol

2012-01-04 silive, Staten Island, NY, Key NY document from 1775 on display at Capitol

2012-01-04 Greenwich Time, Greenwich, CT, Key NY document from 1775 on display at Capitol

2012-01-04 WCAX, Vermont, Key NY document from 1775 on display at Capitol

2012-01-04 Auburn Pub, Key NY document from 1775 on display at Capitol

2012-01-04 Public Opinion, Chambersburg, PA, Key NY document from 1775 on display at Capitol

2012-01-04 WRGB CBS 6 Albany, Historic document from 1775 on display in Albany

2012-01-04 Your News Now, Elmira/Corning, General Association Document to be on display at Hall of Governors

2012-01-04 The Republic, Columbus, Indiana, Key NY document from 1775 on display at Capitol; believed lost in 1911, found in Syracuse

2012-01-04 The Wall Street Journal, Key NY document from 1775 on display at Capitol

2012 January, A Guide to the History on Display at the New York State Capitol

2012 January, Hall of Governors exhibit page, showing one side of the 1775 General Association Document

2012 January, Flickr, photo of Gregg Tripoli and Dennis Connors at New York State Capitol

2012 January, Hall of Governors website, photo of Gregg Tripoli and Dennis Connors in rotation on homepage

2012-01-04 Governor Cuomo Announces Completion of Major Restoration Projects at the New York State Capitol

2012-01-04 Lebanon Daily News, Key NY document from 1775 on display at Capitol

2012-01-04 The Post-Standard, Onondaga Historical Association will give historical document back to New York State

2012-01-04 YNN, General Association Document to be on display at the Hall of Governors, link to video

2012-01-01 The Post-Standard, Onondaga County looks for new use for historic Carnegie Library building in Syracuse. The old photo at the bottom is from the archives of the Onondaga Historical Association (the paper version credits OHA).

2012-Jan/Feb CNY Connected, Our walls can talk. Hear what they say.