OHA in the News – 2013

2013-12-29 The Post-Standard, OHA at 150, Fallen Soldiers Return Home

2013-12-23 State Fair’s Onondaga Lake Exhibit takes First Place in National Competition Honoring the best in Fairs and Expos

2013-12-22 The Post-Standard, OHA at 150, Bare knuckles and mitten makers

2013-12-18 Syracuse New Times, Syracuse Booze Times

2013-12-15 The Post-Standard, Deathbed promotion

2013-12-13 The Post-Standard, Hope for the Holidays
, page 2

2013-12-13 The Central New York Business Journal, John Winter: The Germand Artist of Syracuse, New York

2013-12-08 The Post-Standard, Christmases long, long ago

2013-12-08 The Post-Standard, OHA at 150, Forefathers of state of the union

2013-12-03 The Post-Standard, Syracuse’s Most Holy Rosary church marks 100 years this weekend

2013-12-03 The Post-Standard, An Uncommon Corps

2013-12-01 The Post-Standard, OHA at 150, Onondaga Chief Meets with Lincoln

2013-11-30 The Post-Standard, ‘A Christmas Carol’ by Syracuse Stage and
SU offers plenty of bright, entertaining

2013-11-28 Jewish Observer, “Jake’s Place”

2013-11-24 The Post-Standard, OHA at 150, Thanksgiving

2013-11-20 Syracuse New Times, Historical Legacy Listening to the Wampum event may help heal rift between Natives and Jesuits

2013-11-17 The Post-Standard, Gettysburgh Address

2013-11-16 The Post-Standard, JFK assassination: On Sunday, collective memory from Central New York

2013-11-14 The Post-Standard, Haudenosaunee Reception

2013-11-13 The Post-Standard, GET OUT: New ‘Fashion After Five’ exhibit harkens back to Gatsby-era glamour

2013-11-10 The Post-Standard, The VA Recalls Its Ultimate Volunteer

2013-11-10 The Post-Standard, Arts, cultural groups, eateries and hotels will partner for HeART of the Holidays

2013-11-10 The Post-Standard, OHA at 150, Fallen flag bearer


2013-11-03 The Post Standard, OHA at 150, First laughing gas in Syracuse

2013-10-31 WRVO, Onondaga County has its own spooky stories to share on Halloween

2013-10-27 The Post-Standard, OHA at 150, A major general draws a big crowd

2013-10-22 Syracuse University, Exploring Role of Wampum in Haudenosaunee Culture Nov. 14-15

2013-10-21 The Post-Standard, Syracuse basketball game-by-game database for every game since 1900

2013-10-20 The Post-Standard, Where were you on that day?

2013-10-20 The Post-Standard, OHA at 150, The elections

2013 October, The Skä•noñh – Great Law of Peace Center – Welcomes

2013-10-11 The Wooden Lacrosse Stick Expo with Stylin Strings Lacrosse

2013-10-10 The Post-Standard, Gettysburg – A Sesquicentennial Remembrance

2013-10-10 The Post-Standard, Get your I81 Story Straight

2013-10-06 The Post-Standard, OHA at 150, Strategic salt works

2013-10-01 The Post-Standard, Help design the new signs for the Creekwalk
vote here

2013 Oct, CEO Essentials, History in the Palm of Your Hand

2013-09-30 NewsHouse, Onondaga Lake Park expo promotes traditional Native American lacrosse

2013-09-29 The Post-Standard, Stars, Lacrosse Expo

2013-09-29 The Post-Standard, Expo honors Native American heritage, lacrosse history

2013-09-29 The Post-Standard, OHA at 150, Weigh locks on the canal

2013-09-28 The Post-Standard, History of lacrosse, Native American heritage celebrated at wooden stick expo

2013-09-28 YNN, Wooden Stick Expo offers insight into new Skanonh Center
Video at YNN

2013-09-27 The Post-Standard, Wooden sticks at a sacred lake: This weekend, a lacrosse homecoming of great meaning

2013-09-26 Doubletree Syracuse, Onondaga Historical Association Ghost Walk video

2013-09-26 The Post-Standard, Peace and history

2013-09-26 The Post-Standard, Civil War Exhibit

2013-09-25 Syracuse University, The College of Arts and Sciences News, The first Haudenosaunee Wooden Stick Lacrosse Expo to be held at Onondaga Lake Park Sept. 28-29

2013-09-25 Syracuse University News, Free parking, public transportation available for Haudenosaunee Wooden Stick Lacrosse Expo

2013-09-25 Syracuse New Times, Lax Tracks

2013-09-24 Lacrosse Playground, The first Haudenosaunee Wooden Stick Lacrosse Expo to be held at Onondaga Lake Park Sept. 28-29

2013-09-25 Auburn Citizen, Liverpool lacrosse event takes the sport back to its roots

2013-09-24 Syracuse University Sports, Wooden Stick Expo this Weekend at Onondaga Lake Park

2013 Fall, Onondaga Continuum, Preserving History

2013-09-22 The Post-Standard, OHA at 150, Memorials of Gettysburg

2013 Fall, Arts & Sciences, Syracuse University, Great Law of Peace Center Symposium

2013-09-20 Syracuse New Times, Salt City Spirits Ghostwalk

2013-09-15 The Post-Standard, OHA at 150, Canal boat sunk

2013-09-10 Syracuse University News, Noel Coward’s ‘Blithe Spirit’ Opens Syracuse Stage Season

2013-09-09 Lacrosse Allstars, Wooden Stick Exposition In Syracuse

2013-09-08 The Post-Standard, OHA at 150, Syracuse, capital of New York

2013-09-05 Syracuse University News, Ray Smith Symposia to Highlight Haudenosaunee Oral History, South Asian Folk Art

2013/2014 Our Town, Historical Society News

2013-09-05 Syracuse University News, Syracuse University, Onondaga Historical Association, Skä-noñh Center Team up for Lacrosse Expo

2013-09-05 The Post-Standard, CNY Scene, Thursday, “Raising the Roof on History”

2013-09-01 The Post-Standard, Teddy Roosevelt’s call for a Square Deal when he spoke on Labor Day at the State Fair

2013-09-01 The Post-Standard, Clark will revive more than his ale house

2013-09-01 The Post-Standard, Drummer Boy of the Rappahannock

2013, Issue 2, Your Care, crouse.org, Celebrating the Rich History of Crouse

2013-08-29 Syracuse University, SU’s Ray Smith symposia to highlight Haudenosaunee oral history, South Asian folk art

2013-08-28 The Post-Standard, New Name Same Place

2013-08-25 The Post-Standard, The First Mayor

2013-08-22—09-03 New York State Fair – Onondaga Lake exhibition brochure

2013-08-23 The Post-Standard, Downtown restaurant reboot: Parisa to become ‘The 317’ with modern American fusion menu

2013-08-21 CNYCentral.com, Looking back at previous presidential visits to Syracuse


2013-08-21 News Channel 9, History of U.S. Presidents visiting Syracuse

2013-08-21 Syracuse New Times, Measuring 19th Century New York State: Booksigning and Lecture

2013-08-18 The Post-Standard, Interstate 81 Debate

2013-08-18 The Post-Standard, OHA at 150, The Draft Riots

2013 Issue 2, Crouse Health, Our Glorious Workplaces at Crouse Hospital

2013-08-13 The Post-Standard, Quietly living the spirit of the Two Row Wampum

2013-08-11 The Post-Standard, OHA at 150, Over a barrel

2013-08-05 The New York State Fair 2013 Visitors Guide, Onondaga Lake: A Fresh Gateway to the New New York

2013-08-04 The Post-Standard, OHA at 150, Tornadoes and Teachers

2013-08-01 The Post-Standard, Take a tour of the mysterious house on roof of old Syracuse factory

2013-08-01 The Post-Standard, When Corporations Move, Jobs and Hope Follow

2013-07-28 The Post-Standard, OHA at 150, Launching a ship, and speaking out for abolition

2013-07-26 Central New York Business Journal, The Price is Right: The Tale of the Merchant Prince of Syracuse

2013-07-16 NCC News Online, Onondaga History Association Contributes to I-81 Discussion

2013-07-14 The Post-Standard, Syracuse needs help from ‘fresh eyes’

2013-07-14 CNY Central – Onondaga Lake history documentary in the works

2013-07-14 artdaily.org, New York State Museum
Civil War exhibit wins Award of Merit, exhibit extended

2013-07-14 The Post-Standard, OHA at 150, The Draft Riots

2013-07-12 The Central New York Business Journal, Congratulations to the 2013 Financial Executive of the Year Honorees!

2013-07-12 NY State Fair Announces First-of-Its Kind Exhibit Focusing On Onondaga Lake’s Past, Present, and Future

2013-07-11 The Post-Standard, State Fair to offer exhibit on Onondaga Lake cleanup

2013-07-08 News 10 Now,Battle of Gettysburg exhibit at OHA

2013-07-08 The Post-Standard, Syracuse can use all the ‘fresh eyes’ it can get: Your letters

2013-07-07 The Post-Standard, Gettysburg at 150

2013-07-07 The Post-Standard, In Syracuse, fresh eyes on an old problem: Save these aging landmarks, or knock them down?

2013-07-04 The Post-Standard, Baldwinsville artillery unit repels Pickett’s Charge, Series

2013-07-03 WSYR – Interview by Ron Lonsberry of Dennis Connors regarding Battle of Gettysburg

2013-07-01 WSYR – Interview by Ron Lonsberry of Dennis Connors regarding Battle of Gettysburg

2013-07-02 The Post-Standard, Local regiments fight on Culp’s Hill

2013-07-01 The Post-Standard, 150 years later, remembering Central New York’s part in Civil War’s bloodiest battle

2013-06-30 WRVO Public Media, Greg Tripoli and Jai Subedi on The Campbell Conversations

2013-06-30 The Post-Standard, ‘Twice was our flag shot down’: Letters from Gettysburg

2013-06-30 The Post-Standard,
Speaking to us over time: Letters from Gettysburg

2013-06-29 The Post-Standard, GETTYSBURG 150 YEARS LATER, How Onondaga Countians fought at Gettysburg

2013-06-23 The Post-Standard, OHA at 150, Jam in the Canal

2013-06-21 Crouse Hospital, Onondaga Historical Society Presents OHA Medal to Crouse Hospital Archivist Kristine Delaney

2013-06-19 The Post-Standard, OHA opened a branch of its museum gift store at Destiny

2013-06-19 The Post-Standard, OHA at 150, How not to check on the kerosene

2013-06-13 The Post-Standard, Ghostwalk: Oakwood Visions

2013-06-11 YNN Historical cemetery preserved

2013-06-11 CNYCentral.com Historical General Ellis Cemetery rededicated after renovation project

2013-06-09 The Post-Standard, Monster guns and pseudo-soldier

2013-06-09 The Post-Standard, Would a wider I-81 fit between downtown Syracuse buildings?

2013-06-07 The Post-Standard,
Guided tours of Oakwood Cemetery planned, ghostly figures included

2013 Summer Ottawa Citizen, Celebrate Summer, Syracuse’s ‘Destiny’ on the shore of Onondaga Lake

2013-06-02 The Post-Standard, History was Made Here, Home of Syracuse abolitionist George Barnes will be open for tours Saturday

2013-06-02 The Post-Standard, OHA at 150, An omnibus to the cemetery; a train stops early in Fulton

2013-06-01 The Post-Standard, Putting Interstate 81 at grade level would create a traffic nightmare

2013 June, Jimmy Van Heusen Facebook page

2013 Summer, Plank Road Magazine, Memory Keepers

2013-05-28 The Eagle,
Onondaga Lake cleanup to include cultural center at Ste. Marie site

2013-05-26 The Post-Standard, OHA at 150, Boys of Battery B

2013-05-24 ArtDaily.org, State Museum displays notes from President Lincoln’s autopsy reports, oil painting of Dred Scott

2013 May, Imaging America, The Skä•noñh—Great Law of Peace Center as Collaborative Space at Onondaga Lake Park

2013-05-16 The Post-Standard, Your Comments on I-81 in Syracuse: ‘Careful what you wish for’

2013-05-15 Syracuse New Times, Time Capsule Opening

2013-05-13 The Post-Standard, OHA at 150, Syracuse Mills destroyed by fire

2013-05-09 The Post-Standard, Onondaga Historical Association sponsors tour of church organs in downtown Syracuse

2013-05-08 The Post-Standard, OHA sponors tours of church organs

2013-05-07 The Post-Standard, Onondaga County Legislature considers sewer funding, Haudenosaunee museum

2013-05-02 The Post-Standard, Three inducted into Manufacturers Wall of Fame

2013-05-02 The Post-Standard, I-81 at the crossroads

2013-05-02 The Post-Standard, Fitzgerald’s ‘first certain memory’ was of Syracuse

2013-04-28 The Post-Standard, OHA at 150, Birth of the Onondaga Historical Association

2013-04-24 CNYCentral.com Would you get a Syracuse China pattern tattoo?

2013-04-19 The Central New York Business Journal, J.R. Clancy: Let the show go on

2013-04-19 Otto Media Takes a Different Look “Beneath the Surface” of Onondaga Lake

2013-04-14 The Post-Standard, Salt strike ends

2013-04-12 The Central New Y ork Business Journal, Online-shopping application Rosie wins $200K Startup Labs Syracuse prize

2013-04-10 Syracuse New Times, Motivated by Mozart

2013-04-09 The Post-Standard, CenterState CEO announces its Buiness of the Year award winners

2013-04-07 The Post-Standard, OHA at 150, Death of the son of a President

2013-04-05 The Central New York Business Journal, Clinton’s Ditch Cooperative Company, Inc.

2013-03-31 The Post-Standard, OHA at 150, What Syracuse consumed

2013-03-29 The Post-Standard, GET OUT: See a cake older than your grandpa at ‘Love and Marriage’ exhibit

2013-03-25 The Post-Standard, ‘Syracuse Television’: New book tells the history of local TV stations, broadcasters

2013-03-24 The Post-Standard, OHA at 150, Funeral for a major general,

2013-03-19 The Post-Standard, ‘Benjamin Faga: Authentic Syracuse’ is one artist’s take on the essence of Syracuse

2013-03-17 The Post-Standard, OHA at 150, A dedicated soldier

2013-03-15 Oswego County Today, Symposium Presents the ‘Art of War’ and the Life of a ‘Salty Sailor’

2013-03-13 Madison County Courier, Silver Presentation on Louis Marshall Planned

2013-03-10 The Post-Standard, OHA at 150, Frederick Douglass recruits in Syracuse for Union Soldiers

2013-03-07 Oswego County Today, ‘The Cost of Victory’ Featured at the Oswego War of 1812 Symposium

2013-03-07 Madison County Courier, Program on the Shubert Brothers is March 9

2013-03-04 The Post-Standard, Syracuse native, urban planner, to talk about I-81 on Wednesday

2013-03-03 The Post-Standard, Sunday Sampler: Visit the Onondaga Historical Association

2013 March, Today’s CNY Woman, History in the Mixing

2013-02-28 The Post-Standard, Correspondence: Readers recall the cashews, banana splits, and ‘record booths’ of F.W. Woolworth

2013-02-25 The Post-Standard, A Syracuse Rite Aid conjures historic Woolworth’s: Changing with the city around it

2013-02-24 The Post-Standard, OHA at 150, Home from the War, Then to Gettysburg

2013-02-22 VisitSyracuse.org Friday Facts, Fun Act about the Syracuse Area. . . did you know. . .

2013-02-21 Life in the Finger Lakes, Onondaga’s Connection to Gettysburg

2013-02-18 The Post-Standard, 150 years ago three young ladies hatch a marital plan

2013-02-18 ESF, Office of Communications, Louis Marshall Scholar to Speak in Syracuse

2013-02-17 The Post-Standard, OHA at 150, Return of the Cannonballs

2013-02-15 The Central New York Business Journal, Neracar: Motoring on Two Wheels

2013-02-15 Capitolwords, Congratulating The Onondaga Historical Association On The Occasion Of Its 150Th Anniversary

2013-02-15 Congressional Record 113th Congress (2013-2014), CONGRATULATING THE ONONDAGA HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION ON THE OCCASION OF ITS 150TH ANNIVERSARY — HON. DANIEL B. MAFFEI (Extensions of Remarks – February 15, 2013)

2013-02-13 Syracuse New Times, Post Mortem

2013-02-10 The Post-Standard, OHA at 150, Freeze of 1863

2013-02-01 The Post-Standard, Black History Month – Frederick Douglass

2013 February Peace Newsletter, Frederick Douglass

2013-01-31 The Post-Standard, Dick Case to his readers: I can’t begin to thank you

2013-01-31 The Post-Standard, Syracuse Stage presents August Wilson’s ‘Two Trains’; actors talk about playwright

2013-01-29 The Post-Standard, I-81 in book

2013-01-27 The Post-Standard, 1863 (150 Years Ago)

2013-01-25 WRVO, Onondaga Historical Association Celebrates their 150th Anniversary (audio)

2013-01-25 WRVO, Onondaga Historical Association Celebrates their 150th Anniversary

2013-01-25 The Post-Standard, Ada Louise Huxtable’s warning to Syracuse: How to avoid creating a downtown ‘wasteland’

2013-01-23 Onondaga Nation – People of the Hills, The Great Law of Peace Education Center

2013-01-23 Press Conference, Gregg Tripoli

2013-01-23 News Channel 9 WSYR, Changes in the works for Sainte Marie Among the Iroquois

2013-01-23 The Post-Standard, Jubilee Marks 2 Key Anniversaries

2013-01-22 The Post-Standard, Kids Become Neighborhood Stars

2013-01-21 The Post-Standard, Make It Real

2013-01-21 The Post-Standard, Frederick Douglass’ words still powerful

2013-01-20 The Post-Standard, Connecting with History, Onondaga Historical Association Celebrates 150 years

2013-01-20 The Post-Standard, ‘Post’ – Modern Media Group finds Digital Digs

2013-01-16 Syracuse New Times, Social Media Butterflies

2013-01-16 365 Things Syracuse, #16 Onondaga History Museum

2013-01-12 The Post-Standard, Waitress takes over Lyncourt restaurant; owner of 33 years stays to help

2013-01-12 The Post-Standard, 1863 (150 years ago)

2013 New York History Review Articles, “Stick to Your Guns!”
The Third United States Artillery and the Battle of Oswego 1814

2013-01-09 Syracuse New Times, Jubilee Celebration

2013 Winter, New York Archives, Incident at Dynamite Hill

2013-01-02, Syracuse New Times, Group Dynamics

2013 Jan-Feb, The Good Life, Central New York Magazine, Our Glorious Workplaces