OHA in the News – 2014

2014-12-30 Syracuse New Times, The Hotel Syracuse: A Beating Heart

2014-12-30 The Post-Standard, Art groups primed to spend state grants on projects in ’15.

2014-12-28 The Post-Standard, Ghostwalk at Hotel Syracuse

2014-12-27 The Post-Standard, Ghostwalk at Hotel Syracuse

2014-12-25 The Post-Standard, Hotel Syracuse Ghostwalk

2014-12-24 Eagle Newspapers, Penny Saver, OHA extends ghost walk production

2014-12-23 The Post-Standard, Fayetteville retiree knew he had to bring his great uncle’s legacy as Impressionist painter to light

2014-12-19 The Central New York Business Journal, Pass & Seymour: A NOT So Shocking Tale

2014-12-19, syracuse.com, Arts organizations primed to spend state grants on projects in 2015

2014 Going Ghost

2014-12-17 Bridge Street, Salt City Trivia

2014-12-14 CNY Central, Weekend Today

2014-12-10 Yoli’s Green Living, The Rich History of Syracuse

2012-12-12 The Post-Standard, Take a look at Central New York arts, cultural and heritage groups getting state aid

2014-12-11 Syracuse Guru, 2014 Syracuse Holiday Gift Guide: Over 100 Picks

2014-12-05 PBS Ivory Tower, at 17:20 Tara Ross mentions shopping at the OHA Gift Gallery

2014-12-03 Livin’ in Liverpool – Looking forward to Skä•noñh – Great Law of Peace Center

2014-12-02 The Post-Standard, How We Almost Lost Hanover Square

2014-12-01 Syracuse University News, Symposium on Indigenous Perspectives to Take Place Thursday, Friday

2014-11-30 The Post-Standard, Historic business to sell Landmark Building

2014-11-27 The Post-Standard, ‘Hairspray’ director taps into the movie and Broadway hit for Syracuse production

2014-11-23 The Post-Standard, Skaneateles, Solvay surface in plots of two recent books by local authors

2014-11-19 Syracuse New Times, How an Upstate Hamlet was named after an ancient Italian city

2014-11-17 The Post-Standard, O.A.R.’s MikelParis to film and record in Syracuse prior to Friday’s F Shed concert

2014-11-17 The Post-Standard, Five museums get in the holiday spirit: Explore CNY arts

2014-11-13 The Post-Standard, OHA presents tours of Hotel Syracuse on Dec. 27, 28

2014-11-09 The Post-Standard, ‘Watercolor Memories’ at OHA

2014-11-09 The Post-Standard, No Shave November: Rocking the Facial Hair (photos of Mayors from OHA)

2014-11-07 The Central New York Business Journal, Brown-Lipe Chapin, Syracuse Manufacturers Mobilize for Victory in World War II: the Story of Brown-Lipe Chapin

2014-10-30 The Post-Standard, ‘Hidden treasure’ restored in downtown Syracuse: The 19th century Erie Canal bridge few ever see

2014-10-26 The Post-Standard, What next for Everson? Art leaders offer their ideas

2014-10-23 The Post-Standard, Syracuse Stage director calls ‘Piano Lesson’ a family story with a ‘rich stew of characters’

2014-10-16, The Post-Standard, The Lure of LEDs


2014-10-05 The Post-Standard, Betty Munro’s downtown Syracuse

2014-09-25 Bridge Street, CNY Underground Railroad and the other “Harriet”

2014-09-18 The Post-Standard, ‘The Roosevelts’ on PBS takes a detour to Syracuse for Teddy’s libel trial

2014-09-14 The Post-Standard, Checking in to the Hotel Syracuse

2014-09-13 Organ Historical Society – Thank you to Dennis Connors

2014-09-10 The Daily Orange, Keeping in touch: The Connective Corridor will release touch-screen kiosks promoting art and culture centers in Syracuse

2014-09-08 The Post-Standard, On International Literacy Day, recognize that adult literacy leads to a better community

2014-09-07 The Post-Standard, ‘Town of Onondaga’ book signing announced

2014-09-07 The Post-Standard, The Labor Day Storm of 1998

2014-09-04 Syracuse New Times, Connective Corridor to Get Arts and Culture Kiosks

2014-08-31 The Post-Standard, Commodore Perry Wins Battle of Lake Erie

2014-08-24 The Post-Standard, The Great New York State Fair, The Week in History

2014-08-24 The Post-Standard, Here are the projects on the council’s wish list

2014-08-24 The Post-Standard, Betty Munro’s downtown views

2014-08-20 CNYCentral.com, The story of the festival that saved The State Fair for Syracuse

2014-08-19 Bridge Street, Ka-Noo-No Karnival

2014-08-17 The Post-Standard, The gunpowder explosion

2014-08-17 The Post-Standard, BE TTY MUNRO’S SYRACUSE – Slices of local life for sale at OHA

2014-08-15 The Central New York Business Journal, What’s in your Cupboard, Mr. Hubbard? Charles Hubbard, wholesale druggist

2014-08-11 The Post-Standard, Apartments planned for century-old factory building in Syracuse lakefront

2014-08-09 The Post-Standard, Opening of ‘Sainte Marie de Ganentaa’

2014-08-05 The Post-Standard, Sweet Dilema

2014-08-04-Syracuse New Times, Lune Chocolat seeks to move, expand in Manlius

2014-08-03 The Post-Standard, The Artistic Legacy of Betty Munro

2014-08-03 The Post-Standard, Opening the new zoo

2014-08-03 The Post-Standard, Interstate 81: We should object to concepts that destroy viable urban properties (Your letters)

2014-07-31 NCC News Online, Italian Heritage Exhibit Coming to Syracuse Museum

2014-07-31 The Post-Standard, The Artistic Legacy of Betty Munro

2014 Summer, New York Archives, How New York Got Sunday Baseball

2014-07-27 The Post-Standard, I’m So Syracuse I remember. . . Edward’s Mono-Rail photo from OHA’s collection

2014-07-27 The Post-Standard, From Charles Lindbergh to Elleen Collins

2014-07-26, The Post-Standard, Hotel Syracuse by any other name

2014-07-23 Bridge Street, Margaret Olivia Slocum Sage

2014-07-20 The Post-Standard, The record-breaking Franklin

2014-07-13 The Post-Standard, The birth of Schrafft’s

2014 July Governing magazine, Why Would You Have a Highway Run Through a City?

2014 July Baltimore Magazine, Congress Beer Tray

2014-07-10 The Post-Standard, Uncovered toy-store sign hints at downtown’s retail past

2014-07-06 The Post-Standard, Syracuse’s first balloon flights

2014-07-04 The Central New York Business Journal, Onondaga Pottery, Syracuse Manufacturers Mobilize for Victory in World War II: the Story of Onondaga Pottery

2014-July / August Central New York, The Good Life, Bookshelf – What Are You Reading?

2014-06-29 The Post-Standard, Disaster at Split Rock

2014-06-25 Bridge Street, The Story of Herman Ecker

2014-06-25 Bridge Street, Host Chat

2014-06-19 The Post-Standard, Take a Ghost Walk

2014-06-18 syracuse.com Oakwood Cemetery Ghostwalk

2014-06-15 The Post-Standard and syracuse.com, Paul Newman in Syracuse: This week in CNY history

2014-06-12 CNYCentral, Brandon Live at Oakwood Cemetery

2014-06-11 The Post-Standard, ‘A lesson to everybody’: How we lost the Genesee Theatre, in Westvale

2014-06-08 The Post-Standard, syracuse.com, The end of the Kallet Genesee Theater

2014-06-06 Time Warner Cable, Women’s Rights Advocate, SU Grad Dies After Lengthy Illness

2014-06-06 The Citizen, AuburnPub.com, New York State Fair honored for historic preservation efforts, announces new shipwrecks exhibit

2014-06-05 NYS Fair News, N.Y. State Fair Wins Award for Contributions in Promoting the State’s History

2014-06-01 The Post-Standard, Exhibit explores Civil War through eyes of local photographer George Barnard

2014-06-01 The Post-Standard, D-Day, the beginning of the end

2014-05-28 Bridge Street, The Life of Syracuse Native Mary Elizabeth Evans

2014-05-28 Bridge Street, Host Chat

2014-05-27 The Post-Standard, Never Forget D-Day, photo of Albert Bruce Cassidy from collections of OHA

2014-05-25 The Post-Standard, Downtown Goes to the Dogs, and it’s a good thing

2014-05-25 The Post-Standard, In defiance of Daniel Webster

2014-05-23 Syracuse New Times, In this week’s episode of #takeatour,  Michael John Heagerty from NOexcuses Tours takesa tour of the of the Onondaga Historical Museum as part of the #museum series. NOexcuses Tours provides distinctive tours of the greater Syracuse community while delivering an engaging, fun experience for locals and visitors alike.
Sponsored by Eureka Crafts 
with support from Onondaga Historical Association

2014-05-21 The Post-Standard, How the ‘Rock of the Marne’ sculpture came to be in Syracuse (Your letters)

2014-05-21 Syracuse New Times, Salt Played Role in War of 1812

2014-05-17 The Post-Standard, Biking from NY to Chicago, via Syracuse 

2014-05-17 The Post-Standard, In memory of an almost forgotten soldier of WWI

2014-05-16 The Post-Standard, Antonacci first major-party candidate from CNY to run statewide in 60 years

2014-05-15 The Post-Standard, Storied, How CNY History becomes a play that practically writes itself

2014-05-11 The Post-Standard, Gambrinus vs. Prohibition

2014-05-08 The Post-Standard, Hotel Syracuse in its glory days

2014-05-08 The Post-Standard, Decay overtaking former grand lady of Syracuse hotels

2014-05-06 The Post-Standard, Childhood home, lost: The family evicted from the razed Fairmount carriage house

2014-05-04 The Post-Standard, This week in history, Building City Hall

2014-05-04 The Post-Standard, Skä•noñh – Great Law of Peace Center

2014-05-02 Madison County Courier,‘Reflections from the Past’ 19th Century Photos

2014-05-01 The Post-Standard, Wine, Whiskey and Women: History museum’s cocktail exhibit sheds light on drinking and gender

2014 May, CEO Essentials, Meet the 2014 Businesses of the Year

2014-04-30 The Post-Standard, Demolition of an old stone carriage house in Fairmount: Last link to the origins of a community

2014-04-30 Syracuse New Times, Living Space, 311 Montgomery St.

2014-04-29 WAER 88.3, Iroquois, Onondaga Nation Story Will Highlight New Museum; Directors Seek Your Input

2014-04-28 The Post-Standard, Public input needed on development of Haudenosaunee heritage center

2014-04-27 The Post-Standard, The Tully Mudslide

2014-04-26 WRVO Civil War photographer’s work displayed in Syracuse

2014-04-25 The Central New York Business Journal, Got Milk? The story of the Onondaga County Milk Association

2014-04-24 The Post-Standard, Using the Internet, what was lost is now found, The path to Eric Carle’s mystery friend

2014-04-22 The Post-Standard, An ‘Easter Miracle’

2014-04-21 USA Today, Eric Carle finds a friend

2014-04-20 WRVO Joseph Fahey on The Campbell Conversations

2014-04-20 The Post-Standard, The Dey brothers

2014-04-20 The Post-Standard, Charles A. Chappell, Jr.

2014-04-19 The Post-Standard, Easter Sunday, Syracuse, 1884: ‘The quick, sharp beating of horses’ hoofs …’

2014-04-18 Time Warner Cable,

2014-04-16 Bridge Street, Film Making in CNY

2014-04-16 Bridge Street, Host Chat

2014-04-14 The Post-Standard, Initiatives of Syracuse, Detroit museums might offer new strategies for Everson

2014-04-13 The Post-Standard, He served in Civil War, Spanish-American War

2014-04-06 The Post-Standard, Shelter in a city’s many storms: Hundreds celebrate anniversary of housing authority

2014-04-06 The Post-Standard, The Last Franklin

2014 April/May, 55 Plus, Gregg Tripoli, 57, Raising the profile of the Onondaga Historical Association Museum and Research Center

2014-03-30 The Post-Standard, Learn about the Syracuse brewing history

2014-03-30 The Post-Standard, The birth of Syracuse University

2014-03-27 Syracuse Convention & Visitors Bureau, Observations & Libations with Meet Syracuse

2014-03-26 Syracuse New Times, Civil War in Focus

2014-03-25 The Shineman Foundation, Central New York Nonprofit Leaders Series: Part II

2014-03-23 The Post-Standard, MacArthur Park

2014-03-19 Syracuse New Times, Salt City Shaker

2014-03-17 WRVO, Syracuse: a little more Irish than the rest of New York

2014-03-16 The Post-Standard, The first parade

2014-03-14 The Central New York Business Journal, Mobilized for Victory: Syracuse Manufacturers Mobilize for Victory During World War II

2014-03-13 The Post-Standard, Engaging with local groups is what Everson does best

2014-03-12 Bridge Street, St. Patrick’s Day, with Gregg Tripoli

2014-03-12 Bridge Street, Host Chat

2014-03-11 The Post-Standard, A nod to the past

2014-03-10 The Post-Standard, St. Patrick’s Day: What brought the Irish to Syracuse in the first place?

2014-03-09 The Post-Standard, Everson should go back to the drawing board

2014-03-09 The Post-Standard, From Pancho Villa to WWI

2014-03-02 The Post-Standard, The birth of Onondaga County

2014 Mar-April, Central New York Good Life, Of wine, whiskey and women: Prohibition had a long-lasting social impact

2014 Mar-April, Central New York Good Life, Cocktail couture

2014-02-26 The Post-Standard, Everson cancels exhibits, cuts hours, seeks balanced budget

2014-02-25 The Post-Standard, Family ties

2014-02-23 The Post-Standard, The legacy of the Masonic Temple

2014-02-17 The Post-Standard, At 5 p.m. today: Volunteer shovelers heading to Elmwood, in Syracuse

2014-02-16 The Post-Standard, OHA show traces history, culture of cocktail dress

2014-02-16 The Post-Standard, Moby Dick Display, Salt City Abolitionists

2014-02-16 The Post-Standard, Abraham Lincoln in Syracuse

2014-02-09 The Post-Standard, Great New York to Paris automobile race had to make it up Camillus Hill

2014-02-07 The Post-Standard, Onondaga Historical Association brings to life story of escaped slave William ‘Jerry’ Henry

2014-02-05 Bridge Street, Myer Prinstein, with Gregg Tripoli

2014-02-05 Bridge Street, Host Chat

2014-02-02 The Post-Standard, From typewriter factory to Center of Excellence

2014-01-31 CNY Cafe Momus, ‘The Whipping Man’ a beautifully rendered portrait of three men bound together by a shared history

2014-01-30 The Post-Standard, Syracuse Stage’s ‘The Whipping Man’ gives another perspective on Civil War history

2014-01-26 The Post-Standard, Stars, Sunday Sample, Gallery walk and talk at OHA

2014-01-26 The Post-Standard, The blizzard of ’66

2014-01-22 Syracuse New Times, Who Was Gen. Gustavus Sniper? Any why does he have a monument in Syracuse?

2014 Fishs Eddy Wholesale Catalog – The reviews are in!

2014 The Mission Lunch Menu – front

2014-01-17 The Post-Standard, Foster parents for refugee children needed in Central New York

Unaccompanied Children from Central America

2014-01-15 The Post-Standard, President of Angelina Jolie’s foundation has seen 5 year olds deported alone

2014 January, Central New York, The Good Life, pp. 80-81, make peace with it!

2014 January, Central New York, The Good Life, pg. 25, Opening of Fashion After Five / OHA Speakeasy

2014 January, Central New York, The Good Life, pg. 21, Our Glorious Workplaces

2014-01-10 The Central New York Business Journal, Polished Off! History of the Silverware Industry in Syracuse

2014-01-12 The Post-Standard, Sean Kirst – The longest-lived Irish person ever? She lives here

2014-01-12 The Post-Standard, The Week in History, Speakeasies and Civic Center

2014-01-08 The Post-Standard, Here are a few ideas for the future of Everson Museum and a chance to add your suggestions

2014-01-5 The Post-Standard, The Week in History, Merger of the Post and Standard

2014-01-05 The Post-Standard, Sunday Sampler

2014-01-02 The Post-Standard, Enjoy the Weekend!