OHA in the News – 2015

2015-12-27 The Post-Standard, This Week in History – Let there be a traffic light

2015-12-11 The Post-Standard, Pedal-powered pub? New vehicle to let riders drink in the sights of Syracuse

2015-12-01 Indian Country, Learn About the Haudenosaunee: Great Law of Peace Center Opens

2015-11-29 The Post-Standard, A Plan to Remake Clinton Square

2015-Nov C-Span American History TV in Syracuse, New York

2015-Nov C-Span Salt Industry in Syracuse

2015-Nov C-Span Mayor Miner on Syracuse

2015-Nov C-Span Jerry Rescue

2015-11-26 The Post-Standard, The Skä•noñh – Great Law of Peace Center

2015-11-22 Syracuse Media Group, Look inside Syracuse home of famed furniture maker Gustav Stickley (photos)

2015-11-22 The Post-Standard, The landmark house that Gustav Stickley built in Syracuse is on track to become a museum of the Arts and Crafts era

2015-11-22 The Post-Standard, Hands of Hiawatha

2015-11-22 The Post-Standard, This Week in History – Kennedy casket a product of Syracuse

2015-11-21 CNY Central, New museum highlights Native American history

2015-11-21 Time Warner Cable, Skä•noñh Great Law of Peace Center Opens in Liverpool

2015-11-21 WSYR, Skä-noñh – Great Law of Peace Center reopened Saturday in Liverpool

2015-11-20 The Post-Standard, Skä•noñh – Great Law of Peace Center opens Saturday

2015-11-20 WAER, Skä•noñh Great Law of
Peace Center Ready to
Exhibit Haudenosaunee
History and Culture

2015-11-20 The Atlantic, How to Decimate a City

2015-11-19 Syracuse Media Group, Sneak Peek: Skä•noñh – Great Law of Peace Center opens Saturday (photos)

2015-11-18 CNY Central, Weekend’s Best Bets, November 20-22, 2015

2015-11-18 Syracuse University News, University Joins in Grand Opening of Skä•noñh – Great Law of Peace Center Nov 20-21

2015-11-15 The Post-Standard, Welcome to New Pork

2015-11-15 The Post-Standard, Loaner from Smithsonian on display in Syracuse

2015-11-08 The Post-Standard, History the thread in OHA sampler by women

2015-11-08 The Post-Standard, It started as a day to mark the Armistice

2015-11-08 The Post-Standard, Thanks, OHA,
for sharing
Hotel Syracuse

2015-11-05 syracuse.com Get your first glimpse of new rooms at the former Hotel Syracuse

2015-11-05 syracuse.com Women artists rule in Onondaga Historical Association’s current exhibition

2015-11-04 syracuse.com A mission to remember: In Syracuse, commitment to an orphan – and his Medal of Honor

2015-11-04 syracuse.com Thanks, OHA, for sharing historic Hotel Syracuse memories (Your letters)

2015-11 Cultural XPlorer – How to Explore Syracuse in a Weekend

2015-11-01 The Post-Standard, This Week in History – A Temple Goes Up on Montgomery Street

2015 Nov/Dec The Good Life Magazine, Salute a WWII Veteran

2015 Nov/Dec The Good Life Magazine, Gift Guide

2015 Nov/Dec The Good Life Magazine, Mansion Memories

2015-10-30 NCC Skä•noñh will be a Learning Experience

2015-10-29 The Post-Standard, Bullish on Erie Blvd.

2015-10-28 Women of Upstate New York, Colleen Woolpert

2015-10-25 The Post-Standard, This Week in History – The New York Stock Market Crash

2015-10-18 The Post-Standard, The ‘Long Level’ Canal Opens

2015-10-16 Visit Syracuse, Friday Fun Fact

2015-10-15 The Post-Standard, Historic building at Syracuse Inner Harbor to be moved

2015-10-15 The Post-Standard, Free Appraisals Event – What are your treasurers worth?

2015-10-11 The Post-Standard, Remembering our Hotel Syracuse

2015-10-11 The Post-Standard, This Week in History – A tiny graveyard for officers from 1812

2015-10-04 The Post-Standard, Lennon and Ono make art in Syracuse

2015-10-02 The Post-Standard, Historical Ghostwalk

2015-10-01 The Post-Standard, Interludes on the Lake – Historical OHA Ghostwalk

2015 Oct/Nov 55 Plus Magazine, Meet Tadodaho Sid Hill

2015-09-27 The Post-Standard, Still Struggling in Syracuse

2015-09-27 The Post-Standard, From slave to abolitionist in Syracuse

2015-09-25 Huffington Post, Indigenous Leaders Want Pope Francis To Rescind Bull Justifying Imperialism

2015-09-24 How to Explore Syracuse in a Weekend

2015-09-24 Business Journal, Crouse Hinds: Lighting Up Our Lives

2015-09-20 The Post-Standard, This Week in History – Dome Opener: 50,000 fans

2015-09-20 The Post-Standard, Take in the Exhibits at OHA (but note that the wrong building is pictured here)

2015-09-16 Syracuse New Times, Net Positives

2015-09-13 The Post-Standard, This Week in History – The elegant Yates Hotel

2015-09-06 The Post Standard, This Week in History – Welcome to Ka-Noo-No

2015-09-03 The Post-Standard, Sad finish for mile of ‘mystery, lore and legend’

2015-09-02 The Post-Standard, Banking on Apartments

2015-08-30 The Post-Standard, OHA Fundraiser will let you check in to the Hotel Syracuse

2015-08-30 The Post-Standard, West Street Wise

2015-08-30 The Post-Standard, This Week in History – A Clinton Family Vacation

2015-08-26 The Post-Standard, Great Law of Peace Center

2015-08-23 Time Warner Cable News, Renovations have begun at Skä•noñh Great Law of Peace

2015-08-23 The Post-Standard, This Week in History – End of the line for the New York Central station

2015-08-19 Syracuse Media Group, OHA director answers reader comments about new Skä•noñh – Great Law of Peace Center

2015 Summer Issue No. 86, American Bungalow – The Gustav Stickley House, Syracuse, New York

2015 Annual Report – Downtown Committee – Message from the Downtown Committee of Syracuse, Inc.

2015-08-16 The Post-Standard, This Week in History – The Roosevelts, and Babe Ruth, Slept Here

2015-08-16 Syracuse Media Group, Far more than just a building: Seeking your favorite
memories of the Hotel Syracuse

2015-08-13 Syracuse Media Group, News of Sports-O-Rama demolition sparks flood of memories, nostalgia

2015-08-10 WRVO, Construction begins on Skä•noñh – Great Law of Peace Center


2015-08-09 The Post-Standard, Stars and Stripes Over Tokyo

2015-08-08 Syracuse Media Group, Old Sainte Marie Among the Iroquois to start switch to Ska-nonh Great Law of Peace Center

2015-08-07 Syracuse Media Group, Local ghosts star in ‘Haunted Onondaga County’: CNY books and authors

2015-08-04 The Post-Standard, Rainbow Lounge coming back to Hotel Syracuse

2015-08-04 Syracuse Media Group, Hotel Syracuse’s famous Rainbow Lounge to be recreated

2015-08-02 The Post-Standard, Photographers, artists
invited to enter works
for exhibitions

2015-08-02 The Post-Standard, Bishop Ludden arrives in Syracuse

2015-07-30 Syracuse Media Group, For Valley Academy, at one last reunion: Classmate can’t forget those who never made it home

2015-07-26 The Post-Standard, This Week in History – The Day the Bottom Fell Out of the Canal

2015-06-25 Syracuse Media Group, Photographers, artists invited to enter works for exhibitions

2015-07-23 Great Migrations quilting newsletter

2015-07-19 Syracuse Media Group, When Onondaga Lake crackled with dancing and rides: A search for our lost resorts

2015-07-19 The Post Standard The Coney Island of Central New York

2015-07-15 Syracuse Media Group, Tech Garden celebrates 10 years of making Syracuse better (Editorial)

2013-2015 New York State, Hall of New York, Central New York

2015-07-13 The Business Journal, An Air Conditioned War: Carrier Corporation Goes to War

2015-07-05 The Post-Standard, His Big Brother Always

2015-07-05 The Post-Standard, New kiosks help tourists find their way

2015-07-01 Eagle Newspapers Penny Saver, Explore the Heart of New York

2015-07-01 Syracuse New Times, Pint-Sized Guest for Big-Time Hotel

2015-July/August CNY Good Life Magazine, Gone But Not Forgotten

2015-July/August CNY Good Life Magazine, It’s Summer – Let’s Go to Three Rivers

2015-06-29 Visit Syracuse, Friday Fun Facts

2015-06-21 St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center’s Advancing Excellence blog, Preserving Our History in the Community

2015-06-20 Syracuse Media Group, No temples, no steeples, sacred all the same: The Six Nations, and the meaning of Onondaga Lake

2015-06-18 The Post-Standard, Enjoy the Weekend! Ghostwalk at Oakwood

2015-06-16 The Post-Standard, A bridge too far from view for unsuspecting public

2015-06-14 The Post-Standard, A Final Salute for our Finest

2015-06-12 The Post-Standard, Ghost Walk

2015-06-11 Syracuse Media Group, Site of planned German pub was part of Syracuse’s salty past

2015-06-07 The Post-Standard, Oakwood Cemetery Ghostwalk

2015-06-07 The Post-Standard, Sunday Sampler – OHA hosts several exhibits

2015-06-02 Syracuse Media Group, Hotel Syracuse lobby being restored to former grandeur

2015-06-01 CNY Central, Hotel Syracuse Restoration finishing Phase One

2015-05-24 The Post-Standard, Exhibits on Display at OHA (note that OHA is down the street from the building shown in this article at 321 Montgomery Street)

2015-05-22 Syracuse Media Group, House of the Week: Historic home in Syracuse’s Strathmore neighborhood

2015-05-19 Syracuse Media Group, Syracuse hot rod heaven: From Salina Street, years ago, to the Nationals (with video)

2015-05-19 The Post-Standard, Across from the Dinosaur, a building speaks about Easton C. Jones

2015-05-17 Syracuse Media Group, The historic Courier Building, in downtown Syracuse: In 1917, a poignant farewell to a newspaper

2015-05-15 Syracuse Media Group, Syracuse opened its arms to Armenians fleeing genocide: Stephen Kimatian

2015-05-15 Syracuse Media Group, Syracuse, as Webster saw it: View from a famous balcony on Saturday’s downtown living tour

2015-05-13 The Post-Standard, Swimming in Onondaga Lake?

2015-04-30 WRVO Onondaga Creekwalk users can view region’s history through new signs, videos

2015-04-27 Time Warner Cable News, Creekwalk Along Onondaga Lake Now Gives Walkers Glimpse of the Past

2015-04-27 The Post-Standard, Crowds gathered 150 years ago as Lincoln’s funeral train passed through Syracuse

2015-04-27 Business Journal News Network, Hop to it: Central new York’s time as hops-growing leader

2015-04-26 WAER, 150 Years Ago: Syracuse Bids Farewell to Pres. Lincoln on his Funeral Train

2015-04-25 CNY Central – Lincoln Funeral Train, Armenians

2015-04-23 Time Warner Cable News, Syracuse Hosts Exhibit for Armenian Genocide

2015-04-19 The Post-Standard, Researcher Debunks 3 Myths about Swimming in the Lake

2015 First Quarter, Central Headlight, The Lincoln Funeral Train, Its Operation Between New York City and Erie, Pennsylvania

2015-04-16 The Post-Standard, Joanie Mahoney: I would swim in Onondaga Lake; beach study could start in 2016

2015 ‘Cuse Lacrosse, Deyhontsigwa’eh (They Bump Hips): Lacrosse of the Onondaga Nation

2015-04-06 Business Journal, Museums, Ranked by 2014 Attendance

2015-04-05 The Post-Standard, Experience ‘Salt City Rock’ at OHA

2014 Annual Report, CEO Evolve, Local Tourism

2015-03-31 The Post-Standard, Lonely Loft

2015-03-23 Business Journal News Network, Let’s have a good clean fight: The Prosperity Company Goes to War

2015-03-19 The Post-Standard, At Syracuse landmark, turning back time

2015-03-15 The Post-Standard, Learn More About Gustav Stickley

2015-03-10 syracuse.com Century-old building that collapsed in Syracuse was ice cream business, shipping hub

2015-03-10 Time Warner Cable News Central, Memories of Partially Collapsed Building Shared

2015-03-08 The Post-Standard, Learn more about Hotel Syracuse

2015-03-06 Visit Syracuse, Friday Fun Facts

2015-03-06 The Post-Standard, Salt City Rock

2015-03-02 The New York History Blog, NY History and Upstate Tourism Development Awards

2015-March/April, Making Music, Telling History One Tour Stop at a Time

2015-03-05 The Post-Standard, Enjoy the Weekend, Sunday, Italian Immigrant History

2015-03-03 WRVO, Syracuse once held a public vote on a major transportation decision

2015-03-01 The Post-Standard, Beyond The Jimi Hendrix Experience

2015-02-26 The Post-Standard, At city corner, a chance to build the perfect park

2015-02-23 MikelParis, Keyboardist for O.A.R, Sings History One Stop at a Time

2015-02-23 TuneTrek, MikelParis visited the Skä•noñh Center to film a music video in the chapel of the Sainte Marie Historic Site as part of his TuneTrek series (http://www.mikelparis.com/#!tunetrek/czaf). MikelParis is also the keyboardist for the band “Of A Revolution,” popularly known as O.A.R.

2015-02-22 The Post-Standard, ‘Jerry’s Story’ told at OHA

2015-02-20 syracuse.com Sean Kirst, Music history


2015-02-18 syracuse.com, From Lou Reed to Polar Bear Club: OHA museum looks back at the history of rock ‘n roll in Syracuse

2015-02-12 syracuse.com, Eric Carle’s ‘miracle’ reunion: After 82 years, legendary author embraces long-lost friend

2015-02-12 The Post-Standard, Auto Show History

2015-02-11 WAER Syracuse Public Media 88.3, Bringing Pride to Onondaga Lake – Plans for Historical Skä•noñh Great Law of Peace Center in Motion

2015-02-09 USA Today, ‘Railroad’ projects get on track in western New York

2015-02-05 syracuse.com, The future Uncle Fester’s signature and other cool things at Hotel Syracuse exhibit

2015-01-31 syracuse.com, Hidden for decades, mural of city’s early history rediscovered at Hotel Syracuse

2015-01-29 The Post-Standard, Check Out Hotel Syracuse exhibit

2015-01-29 The Post-Standard, Best Bet – The Heritage of the Hotel Syracuse

2015-01-14 The Post-Standard, An entertaining look at how snow is portrayed in Syracuse art on display at OHA

2015-01-13 The Post-Standard, Ghost Town gone, Demolition of abandoned military housing at former Hancock Air Base completed; industrial park rises

2015-01-13 syracuse.com, OHA’s New Flag

2015-01-11 The Post-Standard, ‘An Artist’s Life,’ Fayetteville retiree brings his Great Uncle’s Legacy as Impressionist Painter to light

2015-01-07 WAER, The Hotel Syracuse Allows a Look into Its Past as It Preps for a Future

2015-01-06 The Post-Standard, Trivia test, courtesy of Dick Case. Can you answer these 10 questions about greater Syracuse?

2015-01-06 The Post-Standard, ‘Ghost Walk’ shows how love still haunts our hotel

2015-01-03 CNY Central, Hotel Syracuse Ghostwalk Tours

2015-01-01 The Post-Standard, Favorites in visual arts and classical music, opera